Understanding the Pros and Cons of Contact Center Nearshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing customer service has been a hot topic in boardrooms across the world, and nearshore locations like Jamaica are often on the shortlist. But what are the pros and cons of making this strategic move? Let's dig in.

The Advantages

Cost-Effectiveness: The cost of labor is often substantially lower in nearshore locations, allowing businesses to deliver quality customer service without breaking the bank.

Quick to Market: Nearshore contact centers allow rapid scaling, enabling businesses to react swiftly to market trends and customer demands.

Skillset Compatibility: Areas like Jamaica boast a workforce with diverse skill sets, capable of handling inquiries across multiple industries.

What You Need to Consider in Your Decision Making

Language Barriers: Though uncommon in Jamaica, some nearshore locations may have workers who aren’t fluent in the client’s language.

Data Security: Concerns about the protection of sensitive data are often cited when outsourcing customer functions.

Regulatory Concerns: Different countries have their own regulations, which can create complexities in contract management and service delivery.

How Arise Jamaica Has Solved for All You Need to Consider

Tackling Language Barriers Head-On

The global customer service scene is a moving target, constantly adapting to market demands and technology shifts. Our previous post in this blog series pointed out why Jamaica is becoming the go-to destination for nearshore outsourcing. Between its strategic location, labor benefits, and a solid call center infrastructure, Jamaica is truly rising as a nearshore champion.

Let’s talk about language and culture—the bedrock of any customer service operation. Arise Jamaica excels in providing seamless communication, effectively bridging the language gap that often plagues customer interactions.

Why Language Isn’t a Hurdle in Jamaica with Arise?

-First off, Jamaica is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the Western Hemisphere, with an accent that resonates well in North America.

-Rooted in its British colonial history, Jamaica boasts a vast pool of proficient English-speaking agents, offering quality and cost-effective service solutions.

-Given the close trading relationship between the U.S. and Jamaica, brand awareness is strong, and economic ties run deep.

-American culture is not foreign to Jamaica. Many residents have family in the States and are attuned to American TV, sports, and consumer preferences.

-The “Arise Standard” ensures that all service partners are thoroughly vetted and background-checked, including top-notch language assessments.

How Arise Vets Language Skills?

1. Pre-Screening: Prospective agents undergo a comprehensive seven-year criminal background check from an accredited institution.

2. Skill Evaluation: We use psychometric analyses to identify agents who’ll excel in a remote work environment, focusing on traits like motivation, integrity, and computer literacy. We can also screen for specialized skills in customer service, tech support, and sales.

3. Voice and Clarity Tests: To ensure language proficiency, we conduct specific voice assessments evaluating both accent and clarity.

4. Custom Assessments: Depending on the client’s needs, additional assessments like grammar, technical skills, and data entry tests may be conducted.

Language barriers? What language barriers? At Arise Jamaica, we’ve got it all figured out, so you don’t have to. Our stringent vetting process and emphasis on cultural alignment make language issues a thing of the past, enhancing customer satisfaction one call at a time.

Navigating Data Security Flawlessly
In an era where data breaches make headlines almost daily, Arise Jamaica sets the standard for impenetrable data security. One Senior Regional Operations Manager in the Travel & Hospitality Industry touted Arise as consistently topping the list for overall security among Brands, exceeding all other providers.

With its three-decade track record of leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Arise has developed a fortress-like, cloud-based platform that connects brands with a handpicked network of remote, gig-economy Service Partners. This tech-savvy approach ensures efficiency, responsiveness, and a security framework that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Say hello to the Arise Secure Desktop—the outsourcing industry’s only custom-built virtual workspace. This blend of state-of-the-art hardware and software permits the Agents to securely connect with brand systems, translating to quick deployments, secure environments, and substantial savings in overhead costs.


Arise validates over 3.6 million individual attributes every month to ensure security and quality experiences for customers.

But we don’t stop at hardware and software. We add another layer of security through our meticulous authentication process. Every Agent undergoes a multi-point verification—confirming identity, location, device specs, and even current contractual terms—before engaging in any session. The result? Each month, Arise authenticates more than 3.6 million individual attributes to offer bulletproof security and a top-notch customer experience.

We pride ourselves on the Arise® Platform’s architectural agility. Our cloud-based solution has the flexibility to dynamically expand IT capabilities, accommodating brands that experience sudden surges in customer engagement. Our decentralized network eliminates any single point of vulnerability, offering a built-in shield against business interruptions and data breaches.

We’re also disaster-ready. When unexpected events like Hurricane Ian strike, Arise’s robust contingency plans spring into action, ensuring minimal service interruptions and maintaining business as usual.

In short, when you partner with Arise Jamaica, you’re investing in a future where data security is more than just a checkbox—it’s a guarantee.

Regulatory Concerns:

Jamaica has made strides in aligning its regulations with international standards, simplifying contractual processes. In fact, Jamaica’s regulatory systems are transparent and consistent with international norms.


Weighing the pros and cons, it’s clear that nearshore outsourcing can be a smart move for companies, provided they choose the right partner. Arise has a proven track record of addressing the few cons that exist, making them an excellent choice for any business looking to outsource customer service nearshore.

In addition, Arise’s business model allows for rapid scaling and flexibility. Arise’s gig-economy model can accommodate changes in volume swiftly, making sure your business is always poised to meet customer demands.

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