Healthcare is a science, empathy and compassion are an art

You have nothing if not your health. So why not ensure the health of your contact center operations?

With trust and safety top-of-mind, the Arise® Platform offers access to thousands of HIPAA compliant Service Partners ready to deliver unparalleled healthcare knowledge, experience, and a thoughtful bedside manner.

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How can the Arise® Platform care for your organization?

Flexible & Scalable CX

Whether it’s spring allergies or flu season, open enrollment or new product launches, no one faces greater need for flex and scale than the Healthcare industry. Our flexible platform-based solution can deliver up to 600% seasonal flex and 200% unplanned flex with Service Partners that keep data privacy, technology security, and HIPAA front of mind.

Compassionate Care

Genuine empathy and compassion. That’s what patients want and need as they may be going through challenging or stressful situations. They appreciate being treated with the kindness and understanding that only Service Partners on the Arise® Platform can deliver.

Personalization & Customization

Leverage GenAI to deliver personalized experiences and customizable services that cater to the unique needs of individual patients and providers. Utilize data to provide personalized health products and services that promote continuous wellbeing.

Understanding of the Healthcare Industry

With nearly 30 years of experience delivering award-winning patient and provider experiences for healthcare organizations, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing healthcare providers.

Commitment to Safety & Security

Your organization and patients’ data is safe with us. Our use of secure remote worker endpoint security and management, background checks, and tried and tested cloud-based data storage is only the beginning. Learn more about our multi-layered approach to security here.

Service Partners on the Arise® Platform*


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*Based on a sampling of the network of Service Partners using the Arise® Platform

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to provide exceptional care to our patients. You have approached this unprecedented crisis with a great attitude, and it is showing the results.”

Keep your operations strong with vital support services

Non-Clinical & Telehealth Services

Trusted appointment scheduling, patient registration, virtual waiting room management, medical record management, and insurance coordination are only the beginning of smooth healthcare operations and efficient patient care delivery.

Payer Support Services

Reduce costs while accessing specialized expertise in claims processing, data analytics, and customer support. Adapt quickly to changing industry dynamics and customer needs with high quality services, timely responses to inquiries, and personalized support to policyholders, beneficiaries, and providers alike.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Support Services

Address the needs of healthcare professionals, patients, and other stakeholders, from prescription & product information to order processing and distribution, technical and regulatory support, post-market feedback, patient support programs, and more.

Back-office Healthcare Management

The right care doesn’t always require a stethoscope. Whether it’s appointment setting, revenue cycle management, inventory management, credentialing and provider enrollment, or health information management, trust your patients and your healthcare organization are in the right hands.

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