CX Learning by Arise

As pioneers in the remote agent model, elearning and agent certification is one way we shine with rapid speed to proficiency.

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Learning Platform Magic
Embark on a knowledge revolution with learning platform technology that transcends the traditional learning environment. Our suite of tools, featuring learning management systems for seamless course administration, virtual classrooms for immersive collaborative experiences, and generative AI for personalized content creation, empowers your team with a dynamic learning ecosystem. The Arise® Platform’s learning design innovation is all inclusive:

Personalized learning odyssey

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to adult learning. With services delivered through the Arise® Platform you can personalize routes to match individual learning styles and performance goals. Whether they’re in a brick-and-mortar classroom or remote setting, help new learners navigate through relevant content, acquire skills at their own pace, and witness the transformative value of education finely tuned to their unique needs. Personalized learning journeys are developed with end performance in mind.

Assessment & Profiling

Understand baseline capabilities and identify areas for improvement.

Goal Setting

Align with organizational objectives and establish measurable milestones.

Learning Paths & Sequencing

Design a logical progression of learning modules based on individual needs and desired outcomes.

Bringing learning to life

Empower adult learners with captivating and pertinent educational resources, spanning e-learning modules, dynamic videos, stimulating quizzes, and interactive content. Embark on a learning odyssey infused with gamification, where challenges and rewards ignite motivation. Elevate retention, increase participation, and master skills effortlessly as employees embrace an invigorating and enjoyable journey in professional development.

Knowledge Concierge
Elevate skills acquisition, promote a culture of shared knowledge, and provide the scaffolding for continuous growth with our multifaceted learning support, ensuring success at every step of your educational endeavors. From knowledge management tools ensuring easy access to information, to vibrant online forums fostering collaborative learning, and human support resources offering guidance, our comprehensive approach transforms challenges into opportunities.

Smart Stats
From the intricacies of learner engagement to the effectiveness of content delivery, we utilize advanced analytics and reporting tools to decode the learning journey. Our approach ensures not just design excellence but a continuous enhancement cycle, allowing you to make informed decisions, track performance metrics, and elevate your outsourced learning experience with precision and agility. From design to deployment, optimize content, delivery methods, and overall learning strategies with actionable intelligence.

Take a Leap Beyond the Ordinary
This is where learning magic happens! With a wizardry of experience, tools, and a touch of fun, we craft a learning program that’s more than extraordinary—it’s downright enchanting. Our commitment to excellence ensures you don’t just learn; you soar.

All-in-one Platform
The Arise® Platform is not just a learning solution; it’s an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge learning design with state-of-the-art technology and the pinnacle of GigCX resources. This all-in-one solution transcends traditional boundaries, empowering individuals and organizations with a holistic approach to education, technology, and the dynamic GigCX workforce.

Proven Track Record
The learning achievements of the Arise® Platform have been well recognized by industry leaders. Not only has  the Arise® Platform been the learning solution of choice for numerous Fortune 500 brands, for support of their learning endeavors, the Arise® Platform has also received awards from the International Society for Performance Improvement, Brandon Hall Group, and The Stevie® Awards.

Global Resources
Unlock the power of global expertise with the Arise® Platform. Gain unparalleled access to a vast network of seasoned resources globally, each equipped with extensive experience and expertise in learning design, development, and deployment. Whether crafting dynamic content or implementing cutting-edge learning strategies, our network ensures a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Customization & Flexibility
Experience learning on your terms. Our commitment to customization and flexibility means tailored learning solutions crafted to meet the unique needs, challenges, and scale of your organization. From personalized content to scalable strategies, embrace a learning journey that adapts and evolves with you.

Innovative & Engaging
Redefine learning through dynamic, interactive, and engaging experiences that transcend the ordinary. Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, seamlessly blending innovative technologies and cutting-edge design principles. Immerse yourself in a transformative educational journey where every click sparks curiosity, every interaction cultivates understanding, and every moment becomes an opportunity for growth.

Join us on a journey where ‘excel’ is just the beginning! Contact an Arise learning expert today.