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    • Required a solution that could scale to support seasonal Spring and Fall activity as well as frequent call surges from weather events

    • Requires a diverse business solution to support a diverse market across four Canadian provinces

    • Need for a strong customer experience and lack the ability to effectively cross-sell products and services

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    Service call support for heating/cooling/water heater solutions. Anything from scheduling service calls to initial issue research & resolution.

    Sales: selling maintenance plan that covers most unexpected repair costs

    Retention: handle retention calls from those enrolled in customer
    protection plans and water heater leases

Why the The Arise® Platform

Provides access to a network of virtual service providers with strong upsell and cross-sell capabilities as well as first-hand experience selling and managing home warranty programs

Brings an advanced, flexible model that addresses intra-day consumer demands that can scale to help us with seasonality.

Provides access to a network of virtual service providers across Canada

Each brand has a unique CX need. Schedule a time to meet with our CX experts to learn how Arise can help.