Energy & Utilities

An experience that will electrify your customers

Empower your business with specialized support that seamlessly integrates with your operations.  With a deep understanding of energy infrastructure, green energy, regulatory and non-regulatory frameworks, smart devices, and technical intricacies, we deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to deliver an improved customer experience when your customers needs you most. 

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Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

Consumers appreciate utilities that invest in renewable energy sources, energy efficiency programs, and environmentally responsible practices. With GigCX, resources that work virtually on our platform. you can reduce carbon footprint traditionally associated with long commutes, as well as the need for extensive office spaces and facilities, decreasing the environmental impact associated with maintaining large office spaces.

What makes GigCX Service Partners so brilliant?*

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*Based on a sampling of the network of Service Partners on the Arise® Platform

“You are our partner of choice as we migrate our business - because of your agility.”

Arise is the “superconductor” between your company and great CX

Customer Support

Customers value clear and transparent communication from energy and utility providers. Whether it’s in voice or digital channels, the Arise® Platform delivers industry-leading support for appointment scheduling, billing and payments, account management, service disruptions, complaint resolution, and general information about your best-in-class products and services.

Sales & Upselling

Enlighten your customers about industry trends and regulatory changes while promoting new products, services, and programs to existing and potential customers with ease. Service Partners on the Arise® Platform focus on building strong relationships with customers, providing transparent information, and offering solutions that align with consumer needs.

Technical Support

Technical support services are crucial for addressing issues related to infrastructure, devices, and other technology matters. Improve issue resolution times and enhance customer satisfaction with intelligent answers to technical problems, clever system diagnostics, and patient troubleshooting, all in adherence with data security and privacy regulations.

Outage Management & Emergency Response

When electricity is a matter of life and death, Arise is ready to facilitate emergency operations. The Arise® Platform can support a high volume of calls during outages, providing real-time updates to customers, and coordinating with field crews to address service disruptions. Whether it’s during a natural disaster or safety-related incidents Service Partners on the Arise® Platform can help communicate important information to customers, coordinate responses, and promote greater public safety.

Meter Reading & Data Management

Trust Arise and our inventory services solution, to collect and manage data from utility meters, such as electricity, gas, or water meters. This includes data validation and quality assurance checks, as well as meter maintenance and inspection. Our seamless integration with your back-end systems streamlines data flow for billing, analysis, and reporting.

Market Research & Surveys

Gather actionable insights, understand market dynamics, and make informed business decisions with market research, customer satisfaction surveys, and feedback collection. Service Partners on the Arise® Platform proactively probe for additional details or explanations, ensuring a deeper understanding of participants’ opinions and perspectives.

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