Customer support
from the cloud

Let a technology company provide

support for your technology company

Arise isn’t a call center. We’re a cloud-based technology platform that enables the highest level of customer support. So we know how fast the tech world changes, and we know the value of a top-notch strategy and seamless execution. Success requires revenue growth and cost regulation to improve profitability. More than any other industry, high-tech organizations deal with global integrations stemming from mergers and acquisitions, rapid product innovations, customer expectations for premium sales and support, and cloud computing and social media concerns.

Forward motion:
innovation and technology

High-tech companies lead the way in innovation. So you should never have to rely on antiquated methods of providing sales, service, or support to customers. But that's exactly what you get with the traditional call center ... low innovation, low flexibility, but high cost. Arise provided the first crowdsourced platform of its kind, utilizing crowdsourcing back in the early 1990s to disrupt the virtual contact center space. Leveraging innovative approaches to solving old problems, Arise is able to exceed the high-tech industry’s customer support challenges. Isn't that exactly the way you want it?

Where the customer service industry
meets the shared economy

Arise was crowdsourcing before there was such a term. So when the Shared Economy became mainstream, we felt right at home. Arise provides a powerful cloud-based platform for on-demand customer management and business process outsourcing. Our nationwide virtual network of brand ambassadors is built to scale and provide the highest quality customer experience and support for technology companies and their customers.

Mobile, wireless, & internet support

  • Inbound sales
  • Order fulfillment
  • Account set-up, verification, and maintenance
  • Product upgrades and replacements
  • Warranty/subscription sales
  • Retention programs

Technical support

  • Hardware and software installations
  • Remote desktop support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Password resets
  • Website navigation
  • Incident tracking and case management

What else can Arise do?

Our 100% virtual technology platform provides companies access to capable customer and technical support providers, ensuring the right mix of product knowledge, technical experience, brand-savvy, and customer empathy to provide every customer with a positive experience. Sales, service, or technical support? Your biggest fans, serving as certified technicians and dedicated advocates, will be the ones interacting with your customers.

Flexibility & scalability

Move up

Leveraging on-demand service delivery and cloud-based technology, the Arise® Platform is running 24/7/365 (yes, even holidays!) allowing limitless volume of customer calls, emails, chats, and more.

Business continuity

Keep going

With nimbleness and agility, the Arise platform responds to our clients’ volume based on actual call arrival patterns and is able to flex rapidly when a non-forecasted event occurs. The Arise platform provides access to an on-demand, geographically dispersed, work-at-home workforce that can provide built-in capacity during peak call times and scale down in off-hours. This also allows for built-in business continuity and disaster recovery planning that is equivalent to having a “hot site” for support.

Innovation & technology

Forward motion

High-tech companies should never have to rely on antiquated methods of providing sales, service, or support to customers. The first crowdsourcer of its kind, Arise continues to remain disruptive in the virtual contact center space. With modern solutions, Arise is able to exceed the high-tech industry’s customer service challenges.

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It can be a challenge to find resources with technical aptitude, brand enthusiasm, and specialized customer contact skills, as well as the agility to quickly support customers in all forums  -- phone, email, chat. The Arise® Platform is the solution. Discover more of the unique aspects of the Arise® Platform network.  

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  • Customer Facing Specialists
  • Customer Care Support

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