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02.08.22 | blog

5 Unique Ways to Show Love to Your Customers

by Nate Brown, Senior Director of CX 

Here we are again in the season of love. When we think about our customers, Katharine Hepburn says it perfectly…”Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything.”

Being there for our customers seems especially important this season. Gartner predicts that “by 2026, 75% of customers who call customer service and support organizations will do so out of loneliness, not because they have a customer service issue.”

This means we can really make a big difference for people when we put in the effort! Here are five ways that you can show love to your customers all year long:

1.  The Gift of Time

Without a doubt, one of the greatest gifts we can give to our customers is time back in their pocket. Stress is off the charts for the vast majority of people. When Brands can be there to make lives a bit easier, and even be proactive in thinking about future friction points, customers will be extremely grateful. To learn more about how to create an effortless experience for customers, check out Gartner’s article “Effortless Experience Explained.”

2.  The Gift of the Guidance

What customers really need is a confident and capable guide. Someone that understands their definition of success, and is committed to helping them get there. To quote Building A StoryBrand: “THE CUSTOMER IS THE HERO, NOT YOUR BRAND". When positioning customers as the hero and Brands as the guide, Brands will be recognized as a trusted resource to help customers overcome their challenges. 

A gift that symbolizes this relationship and commitment as a guide can go a long way. Depending on how deeply you know your customer and their interests, something like a figurine of Yoda, Dumbledore, Galadriel, Mr. Miyagi, or another “guide” character they love…along with a thoughtful card…could be just the ticket.

Alternatively, sending them a blank Lego base with a small kit of blocks and a note saying “excited to build something great with you” is a gift any customer would appreciate!

Alternatively, sending them a blank Lego base with a small kit of blocks and a note saying “excited to build something great with you” is a gift any customer would appreciate!

3.  The Gift of Knowledge

One of the most powerful things we can do for another human being is to help them learn and be aware. And it’s soooo easy to do! Are you reading an amazing book that is relevant to customers? SHARE with them the book and its amazing take-aways. Suddenly, you are growing smarter together, which is one of the galvanizing, loyalty-generating, forces in the world. Learn more about the gift of knowledge by checking out our blog post “Learning Is Best Done In Community.”

4. The Gift Chocolate. Or Really Anything.

I’m amazed at the power of Thnks, and how easy this tool makes it to give thoughtful, personal gifts to people we care about. It used to be that sending things in the mail was such a massive hassle (especially with people working from home these days) but Thnks truly makes it easy. All that’s needed is the recipient's email address. I used it to buy a box of Omaha Steaks for a podcast guest and she raved about it for weeks. You will find several items here that are sure to be a wonderful surprise!

5.  The Gift of Influence

Without a doubt, one of the greatest ways Brands can honor customers is by giving them a strong voice and a feeling of being essential. This is a true CX professional superpower. Providing real exposure and input regarding the future of products and services can take the partnership to the next level. With skin in the game, customers will not only be loyal but will be vocal ambassadors eager to share a Brand they were able to participate in. To quote Lisa Bodell; “Change cannot be put on people. The best way to instill change is to do it with them. Create it with them.”

However love is shown this season, designing an exceptional customer experience is a gift from which so many benefit. Customers’ lives are better and easier. Agents have better relationships and more meaningful interactions. Businesses grow in a sustainable, lasting way as happy customers bring more happy customers. It's very exciting the impact we can have! 

About The Author:

Nate Brown is a perpetual student of the world’s greatest experiences and the people who create them. Having spent the first decade of this career managing a complex technical support environment for Occupational Health and eLearning software, Nate transitioned to Customer Experience in 2015. After authoring The CX Primer, Brown was dubbed the “CX Influencer of the Year” by CloudCherry in 2019, and a top global CX thought leader by ICMI, Exceeders, Netomi, Martech, and many more. Nate currently serves as the Senior Director of Customer Experience for Arise Virtual Solutions and can be found at a variety of conferences speaking and training on the CX topics he loves.

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