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Contact center learning and training as a service

The powerful Arise classroom

With more than 25 years experience in virtual learning and some half-million successful global learners, Arise has learning down to a science… so much so that our clients started looking to implement our learning-as-a-service within their internal centers, and throughout their networks. From that, Arise Limitless Learning was born.

Limitless Learning is flexible, creative, and adaptive. Exactly what you want for the representatives that serve your customers. It’s an award-winning model that accomplishes more in less time, requiring shorter learning times and fewer instructor hours while still improving retention and comprehension levels.

Greater retention

Shorter learning time is crucial because according to Training Magazine’s Training Industry Report, learners retain 60 percent of what they learn in 20-minute sessions vs. only 23 percent in 6-day learning programs. Arise adapts its learning services to improve content retention. Likewise, National Training Laboratories reports that project-based learning yields a 90 percent retention rate compared to classroom-based teaching that only results in roughly 20 percent retention. Arise constantly monitors best practices and our own productivity to build the best learning as a service method.

Lower training cost

Arise can shorten course length by an average of 50 percent and reduce instructor hours by 80 percent or more. You get improved quality and performance at lower costs. Efficiency only begins to describe it. With a virtual e-learning platform, the cost is significantly reduced. For example, if you invested $3,000 in traditional training, there would be a gradual loss totaling $2,300 leaving only $690 from your initial training investment. Not only does Arise save you costs in delivery, but we also apply it at the learning level as well.  

Contact center learning and training as a service

Today's styles of learning

Learning is much different today than ever before. Attention spans have reduced given the volume of information we process each day. And we live in a digital world of pop-ups, ads, and other distractions. Arise considers these factors and builds its learning techniques to accommodate the preferred way of learning with the most optimal outcomes, including these characteristics:

Mobile: More than 50 percent of virtual learners want to learn anywhere and anytime.

Concise: Short and to the point. Precisely what learners need to be productive more quickly. 

Customizable: We learn in lots of ways.  Tailoring the learning to the learner is critical.  This includes collaborative social learning, bite-sized microlearning, mobile-optimized learning, and on-demand-based learning.

Focus on the business

Objectives/Time-to-Market: Learning that concentrates on your metrics and gets there fast, at low cost.

Flexible/Scalable: Meet the precise needs of your business with the nuances that are unique to you.

Customized/Branded: Learning must reinforce your brand, along with what matters most to you and your customers.

The virtual learning approach

Instructor-Led: Live interaction enhances knowledge and skill acquisition, encouraging feedback and practice.

Self-Paced: Online content helps learners enhance their instructor-led experience at their pace.

Continuous: Learning never stops. Neither should the learning platform. It’s all about enabling ongoing knowledge transfer.

Mobile: Learn anytime, anywhere.

Succinct: Leverage best practices to produce the greatest amount of content retention in a reduced amount of time.

Custom: Create personalized learning practices that generate the greatest return on your investment, leveraging chat, engagement tools, and breakout rooms.

The real value

Savings are just the start
What matters most is flexibility, scalability, speed to market, and business results.

Shared Success
Arise is a trusted partner. We only succeed when you do.

Learning For All
It’s a new world of learning. Delivered when and how the learner wants it. That’s why it is so effective.

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