When emergencies happen,
Arise has your back

Business continuity that’s seamless and reliable

When disaster strikes, service partners in the Arise Network protect the customer experience like no other

In an emergency of any kind impact your operations – natural disaster, pandemic, fire, power or network outage – your main concerns are employee safety and maintaining customer care. You shouldn’t be forced to choose one over the other. Service Partners in the Arise Network offer a seamless approach to taking care of your customers so you can focus on keeping your people safe. It’s handled by experienced Service Partners who share the same passion for memorable customer experiences that you do and are certified to support your customers.

Our approach and our platform are all about keeping you in contact with your customers. Without fail, without interruption. We built the Arise® Platform to be resilient, amazingly flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Service Partners can interact with and delight more customers, solve more problems, and sell more for you in less time. You understand how critical time is when you’re faced with an emergency, and how much you need a partner who is as responsive as Arise. We call it the power of flex.

Business continuity that’s seamless and reliable

Our network is your safety net

Arise business continuity means your company has access to a vast network of Service Partners. They’re ready to fill in and provide unforgettable experiences to your customers. On average, these Service Partners are college educated, 38 years old, mature and experienced. Most of all, many have an existing affinity for your brand. They like you. They know you. That drives them to provide the best customer care for you.


The Arise® Platform, used by our Service Partner network, enables quick responsive, and effective service whenever a client faces downtime. This redundant, virtual, proprietary system that is the secret to our success, and your success. Service Partners strive to give you customers the ultimate customer experience. This includes the real-time ability to shift traffic geographically during regional emergencies, so customer contacts can be handled by Service Partners in unaffected areas.

Customized solutions for every need

No two businesses, or continuity needs, are the same. That’s why Arise works with clients to plan ahead. Our precise four-step planning process is designed to craft a strategy that ensures superb customer care in the event of an emergency. Our shared objective: Your customers will never know there was a problem.


Step 1: Our team dives deeply into your current processes and structure to understand what you will need in the event of an emergency.

Program Development

Step 2: We establish the continuity procedures for your critical business units. We work with your team to craft the comprehensive program that will maintain your customer care operations under all circumstances.

Program Set Up & Configuration

Step 3: With the program established, all the key components are tested and analyzed. That includes critical connectivity and security protocols.


Step 4: With successful testing and assessment behind us, the Arise® Platform goes into always-ready mode. When any unexpected downtime occurs, we swing into action in minutes.

Travel Industry Leader

case study

Proving the effectiveness
of Arise Continuity solutions

When a travel industry leader faced hurricane headed straight for its contact center, the Arise® Platform was there to carry the load. Within minutes, Service Partners were handling the redirected calls, scaling up over the following hours to deliver uninterrupted, quality customer experiences.


In 2017, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on the southeastern United States and the travel and hospitality industry, leaving many travelers stranded and in need of customer support. The client's brick-and-mortar centers was was in the path of the category 4 storm.

The wise decision was made to shut down their locations and send all their employees home for their safety. The client requested over 14,000 additional hours of call time in less than 48 hours' notice to cover all lines of business that would need to be picked up by Service Partners using the Arise® Platform.



Arise quickly consulted with the client and kicked into action. 

Arise immediately notified Service Partners using the platform via email and text of need for additional hours required.  Arise responded to additional hours within 10 minutes. Service Partners outside of the strike zone were given preference to absorb the hours.

The Arise® Platform enabled such rapid flex that the client was able to maintain operations of all lines of business with no downtime or interruptions. 

Service Partners who typically book and reserve for the client also took on customer service calls to handle the load. In lightning-fast time, an additional 11,000 calls more than usual were handled through the Arise® Platform. Mission accomplished.

The Results


The unparalleled flex capacity of the Arise® Platform ensured that all calls into the clients shuttered contact center were handled with the highest level of quality and satisfaction on the day of the storm. Service Partners using the Arise Platform were able to flex 137 percent on average across all three lines of business to absorb:

Forecast Hours

Unexpected (additional Hours


Service Partners answered 98.72 percent of offered calls in under 24 hours to ensure business continuity. 




When you need reinforcements, we’re ready. Our platform can easily flex 40% – or more – in a couple of hours. Also, our award-winning Starmatic ® Scheduling System allows Service Partners to schedule themselves in 30-minute intervals for unrivaled flexibility and on-demand burst capacity at scale­.


That’s the secret sauce that keeps clients happy.

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