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Shopping for a new way to approach customer service and support? Look no further. Arise is the leading solution to your brand’s service needs. Take a stroll through our selection of options and find the perfect fit for your brand. Whether you’re looking for omnichannel support, industry-leading flexibility during the holiday season, advanced security, or simply the best in quality, you’ll find an innovative and unique solution is waiting with the Arise® Platform.

Peak season? We're flexible.

Peak means profit: over 80% of all spending occurs within the last two months of the year for many retailers. And during peak season, many retailers can become overwhelmed by unforecasted and unexpectedly high volume customer service calls. And unanswered calls mean lost revenue.

The Arise® Platform defines flexibility. It allows your company to flex up or down given the needs of your customers. Resources are available when you need them, and fast. With the Arise® Platform, you get the ability to flex 20%- 40% on-demand within hours, and significant seasonal ramp flex capabilities >400%. Our flex capabilities mean minimal impact to customers and turns a peak into profit.

Omnichannel support at every turn

The support your customers need? It’s Omnichannel. Every tweet, every email, every call. Total coverage is a game-changer when it comes to customer support and Arise offers a variety of solutions for your needs. From sales to general inquiries, order management and tracking, to replacements, billing support, account management, or even website navigation support. Service Partners on the Arise® Platform can also handle issues such as balance inquiries, available credit, payment status, and warranty claims. Whatever your customers need, and however they want to get it, the Arise can support you. 

Support Retail Customers

  • Customer Service Support
  • Sales and Inbound Sales Support
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Invoice Inquiries and Adjustments
  • Loyalty Programs

Get more, spend less

The Arise virtual platform provides the best brand advocates for retailers helping you maintain a lower total cost for customer service. Our business process outsourcing solutions provide our clients access to the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced Service Partners. You and your customers get the best, with less cost.

Privacy and Security

Lock It Up

Your customers trust you with their private information and reliable information security is essential to your brand. The Arise Platform is consistently achieving the highest standard for security in processing credit card transactions. When you choose Arise, you’re choosing: Level 1 PCI DSS and SSAE 18 certified, a multifactor authentication and layered approach to end-to-end client security. Using a secure interactive voice response (IVR) system, calls are transferred to capture and authenticate required inputs, such as social security numbers and credit cards, without involving a live person. We take security seriously and further details can be found in our Security section.

Brand Loyalty

Brand Users Are Brand Advocates

Who knows your product better than the customers who use it every day? Our platform gives you access to passionate, brand advocates who have the resources to offer a remarkable customer experience. Selling shovels? You'll find an avid gardener who uses your product daily. Smartphones? You've got an expert app user. The person answering the phone can be someone who understands your product and is loyal to your brand. The Arise Platform is 100% virtual, and there are no geographical limitations. Your loyal, professional Service Partner can be anywhere in the country, ready to speak highly of your brand. Let your brand users be your best brand advocate with the Arise Platform.

Focus on Quality

Commitment to Quality

No one wants a shoddy product when shopping. When you’re shopping for the best customer care, the Arise Platform delivers. With our award-winning eLearning program and contractual performance requirements, you have access to higher quality resources. Since the Service Partners using the Arise Platform are not only your representatives, but often your own customers, using the Arise Platform can help ensure that your customers stay customers for life.

More, more, more:

Arise retail solutions

In addition to the features listed above, the Arise® Platform offers access to retail outsourcing capabilities and solutions in multiple languages to make sure your customers have memorable and comprehensive experiences with your brand.



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