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Energy and utility companies operate in a highly regulated environment with the need to manage numerous challenges simultaneously like capital investment decisions, volatility in commodity prices, and customer satisfaction. The advent of deregulation in many energy markets has driven increased competition among suppliers as well as increased complexity in billing and customer management functions from blended services/pass-through charges, constant switching of suppliers, and, of course, rate changes from commodity price/future volatility.

Delivering a quality, customer-centric customer experience has emerged as a key differentiator between service providers in deregulated markets given the parity of rates and plan offerings. Strong customer satisfaction ratings are also of key importance to utilities in regulated markets as they aid in having rate cases approved by their governing public service commissions. With the customer-centric call center and other BPO solutions offered through the Arise® Platform, you can improve your customer experience and satisfaction ratings while cutting costs (typically by 20-30% compared with other options).

Quality customer service drives

Delivering a quality customer experience is more important than ever for driving financial results across both deregulated and regulated energy markets. For areas where energy is deregulated, customer satisfaction is often the differentiating factor for customers as prices are typically very competitive. For regulated markets, a recent JD Power / SNL Energy study showed customer satisfaction is a major consideration in utility rate cases and credit rating decisions and a key indicator of return on equity.

Leveraging the Arise® Platform as your solution offers the quality customer experience your customers demand with industry-leading flexibility to handle unpredictable call patterns or peak volume during an outage, after a rate hike and more.

Client case study: a major UK energy company

Challenge: Due to unpredictable intra-day volume spikes, customers faced long hold times negatively affecting NPS and CSAT results.

  • Typical weekday demand profile for Client Customer Inquiries Function:

The Arise Solution: Leveraging Arise Starmatic™, a state-of-the-art resource management and scheduling technology, the Client was able to access on-demand Service Partners and schedule in 30-minute increments to precisely meet call volume spikes thereby mitigating shortfalls. Further, this Client applied the pre-select function available with the Starmatic™ system, which allows top-performing Service Partners using the Arise® Platform to select their hours first.

Results compared to other outsourced providers:

  • Total Cost Reduction of 22%
  • Improvement of 14% in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Improvement of 3% in First Call Resolution (FCR)

Discover the utility BPO solutions available through the Arise® Platform

Customer service support

  • Start/Stop/Transfer Service
  • Billing Inquiries and Disputes
  • Payment Processing
  • Meter Read Issues
  • Outage Reporting
  • Collections and Debt Recovery


  • Inbound / Outbound Ready - residential and business / commercial
  • Contract Renewals
  • Cross Sell / Upsell
  • Third Party Verification


  • Membership
  • Loyalty Program Account Management
  • Retention Sales
  • Customer Complaint Resolution

Key features of the Arise® Platform for energy & utility companies

Arise takes our mission to "elevate your customer" seriously. The combination of a state-of-the-art technology platform and high quality of the Service Partners using the platform ensure advocates of your brand are servicing your customers driving higher levels of customer satisfaction while simultaneously improving cost and efficiency metrics.

Privacy & security

At Arise, we take strides to keep your customers' payment and personal information safe. The Arise platform has been Level 1 PCI DSS certified for the past 12 years, the highest standard for security in processing credit card transactions. Further, our platform is certified by the SSAE 18 audit protocol and requires users of the platform use of a secure bootable operating system with multifactor authentication to access client systems and only required PC functions enabled.

From a customer experience standpoint, the platform leverages a secure interactive voice response (IVR) system to capture and authenticate required inputs, such as social security numbers and credit cards, without involving a live person. Learn more about our commitment to information security on our security page.

Industry leading flexibility

The Arise platform facilitates scalable, on-demand access to the resources your company needs to meet unpredictable call patterns through scheduling in 30-minute increments and urgent service requests to call center resources using the Arise platform.

Quality customer experience

The Arise quality difference is perfect for utilities BPO solutions. You get:


Total cost of ownership

The high utilization provided through scaling resources up or down to precisely meet call patterns yields a tremendous cost savings.

Corporate social responsibility

Using our virtual platform means your company is directly contributing to a system which reduces energy usage, use of fossil fuels, and impact on roads. Further, it reduces overhead, wasteful costs associated with a brick-and-mortar call center building. 

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