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Care and support for senior citizen recipients of specialized meal provider

Case Study Background:

In 2021, the FTC reported 2.8 million reports of fraud, with the overwhelming majority of these victims being senior citizens. With so many scams, it’s understandable that seniors are wary of free products of any kind. Unfortunately, a maker of healthy meals needed assistance overcoming these perceptions so they could deliver [MB1] Medicare-covered meals for those in need.



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    As Medicare patients are discharged from healthcare facilities, many are eligible to receive free, nutritious meals at no cost. However, coordinating these meals must be handled by thoughtful, conscientious Service Partners as the elderly recipients are often preyed upon by scams. This client needed assistance notifying eligible recipients of their meals through outbound voice calls and SMS messaging.

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    The Arise® Platform provides a connection to 70K skilled, certified Service Partners, many of whom have specialized backgrounds in industries like healthcare. Throughout the certification process, Service Partners learned about HIPPA basics to ensure they remained compliant with regulations. Additionally, a heavy emphasis was placed on learning effective communication strategies to build trust and empathy with scam-wary senior citizens.


The focus on relationship and trust-building communication strategies boosted call-to-signup conversion to over 90%. With the implementation of predictive dialing, efficiency also jumped to over 60 dials per hour, an increase of nearly 100%. All of these improvements helped ensure that these nutritious meals were delivered to those in need of them.

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