The Arise® Platform flexes up during historic Hurricane Ian

Case Study Background:

In October 2022, Hurricane Ian slammed into the southwestern coast of Florida as a major Category 4 hurricane. Evacuation orders were issued for 12 Florida counties, impacting 2.5 million Florida residents, and forcing residents to relocate in less than 48 hours.



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    One major hospitality client in the path of the historic storm needed extra assistance to ensure its guests’ and customer service team’s safety. After closing its on-site contact center site, it turned to The Arise® Platform’s burst capacity to fill in the gaps, ensuring its guests received care during a very stressful time.

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    The Arise® Platform is comprised of 70K highly skilled Gig-CX Service Partners dispersed across the US, capable of flexing up to 200% within a day to meet a client’s needs. This flexibility and decentralization of the gig economy workforce on The Arise® Platform are extremely helpful for business continuity during natural disasters, like hurricanes and major snowstorms. While traditional brick-and-mortar contact centers are shut down, Service Partners on The Arise® Platform in unimpacted regions can continue to provide service, ensuring that customers receive assistance and on-site team members can stay safe.


Within 48 hours of making the request, this leading Brand was able to fill more than 1,472 service hours across a 6-day timespan using Service Partners on The Arise® Platform. This on-demand flexibility ensured that guests of this major hospitality client received immediate service for all questions and concerns, while customer service agents in the client’s Florida-based contact center were able to stay safe. And because Service Partners on The Arise® Platform are mature and experienced, they were able to deliver the leading guest satisfaction score of 96% despite the stressful circumstances created by Hurricane Ian.

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