Big box retailer constructs new learning journey, boosting likelihood to shop again scores by 4 points

Case Study Background:

Nearly 90% of customers are more likely to buy again from a retailer after they’ve had a positive interaction with a Brand’s customer service. And with an ever-fluctuating U.S. retail market, projected to hit up to $5.23 trillion in 2023, those positive interactions can translate into revenue growth just from providing quality customer care



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    Service Partner knowledge is the #1 driver of customer service satisfaction. Ensuring that Service Partners are fully prepared for their time taking calls is essential to success. As Service Partners for this big box retailer worked through their learning journeys, an opportunity to generate even greater Service Partner satisfaction and customer satisfaction presented itself.

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    For nearly 30 years, Arise has been a pioneer in virtual-first CX education and certification. As this client’s needs evolved, Arise implemented a new learning journey to better prepare Service Partners for assisting customers. After having been prepared for their first contact through CX curriculum, Service Partners took their first call. After taking their initial call, the Service Partner returned to the classroom for debriefing and extra assistance from the Support Resources. As Service Partners scaled up their contacts, supportive coaching continued to create fully confident and capable Service Partners.


These learning and development changes generated positive results for both Service Partners and customers. Service Partner satisfaction scores increased by 5 points and boosted customers’ Likelihood to Shop Again scores by 4 points.

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