Fast-growing global roadside assistance client unlocks analytics to drive CX success, reducing AHT by 50%

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

Case Study Background:

The argument can be made that data is a business’s most valuable resource, and when a business’s mission is delivering excellent customer service to stranded motorists, collecting and acting upon CX data is vital to success.

Use case #1

Unpredictable winter weather no match for the intradayflex capacity delivered by The Arise® Platform



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    While in the midst of rapid growth, a new, global roadside assistance client discovered gaping holes in their CX reporting that were making it very hard to manage performance. Response times are crucial in roadside assistance. But lack of visibility to key metrics were driving AHT to almost 8 minutes, meaning other drivers in need of assistance were waiting on hold. As a first time user of Gig-CX, this global roadside assistance client needed guidance in setting up their CX data collection and reporting processes. Establishing clear KPI metrics would set a foundation for process improvements and future success.

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    By partnering with the client’s internal tech team, Arise experts accessed the raw CX data from the client’s proprietary software, analyzed it, and validated each data point to map out the correct data captures. These captures were then used to provide deeper visibility into key metrics like average speed to answer, utilization and outbound call variance.

    Using The Arise® Platform this roadside assistance company was able to improve learning and development delivery which led to higher proficiency and better service. In addition, the Service Partners using The Arise® Platform to provide service delivered almost 90% utilization. The combination of better proficiency and higher utilization allowed this roadside assistance leader to significantly drop AHT.


The Arise analysis accurately measured CX data and provided this roadside assistance leader with a more detailed overview of the CX success metrics. Accurate Gig-CX KPIs, improved proficiency and higher utilization in place, this client was able to reduce AHT by 50% to a current average of 3-4 minutes by using The Arise® Platform.

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