Our people are
our business

Arise employees make
the difference

Ricky Monzon - Manager, Network Operations Center, Arise

"Being an engineer at Arise is exciting. Our clients’ demands allow us to interface with all sorts of technologies, which ultimately exposes our team to newer, more innovative solution options. ”

Ricky Monzon

Manager, Network Operations Center, Arise

Erica Dorosin - Sr. Manager, Market Strategy, Arise

"I’ve had a lot of great jobs over the years … None have compared to my years at Arise, simply because of the amazing people I get to work with every single day; they make it the best job I’ve ever had. ”

Erica Dorosin

Sr. Manager, Market Strategy, Arise

Community involvement

Arise strives to be involved in the communities we work in. Whether removing trash from a South Florida park, or volunteering at the local animal shelter, Arise employees love the communities they work in, and are dedicated to sustaining them.

The secret of our success is our people. We attract the right people and ensure that everything that we do is guided by our mission and a set of common values as the basis for how we work together.


Be dependable and responsible.


Take initiatives, and have the motivation to get the job done with a positive attitude.


Be adaptable and maintain flexibility in completing projects, tasks, etc. in an ever changing workplace.


Always maintain a sense of honesty and integrity above all else.


Take action with success in mind, and focus on results. Constantly find new ways to innovate, and improve.


Always be motivated to grow and learn.


Strong self-confidence to recognize your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, and willing to work on the latter.


Exhibit professional behavior at all times.

We are fully committed to equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, and therefore strictly prohibit discrimination not just based on any legally protected status, such as race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, and age – but also based on cultural aspects including values, beliefs, and communication styles.


Arise believes that a group of diverse people can change the world.

We believe that diversity – those unique characteristics that each of us has, including experience, background, opinion, and lifestyle – creates inspiration and innovation. From the senior corporate executives to the Arise team, Arise embraces the strengths of its differences to form top-performing teams who achieve the goals of our clients. At Arise, the very best candidate is selected for each job.

Diversification of Arise Employees

54% of arise employees
are minority

49% of arise employees
are female

50% mid-to-upper level
employees are female


At Arise, our employees are our greatest resource. As such, we put great emphasis on ensuring that we retain them, not just by providing competitive salaries and a great benefits package, but also creating programs and perks that create a culture where employees feel safe, and comfortable, while also having high morale.

While many companies simply “check the box” by offering health benefits, 401K plans, and short/long-term disability, we go above and beyond in terms of talent sustainability. We invest in our employees with programs such as tuition reimbursement and wellness, promoting both professional and personal growth. At Arise, Human Resources emphasizes "human" and is there to help you grow in your career and future.

The following are a few examples of the standard offerings that we extend to all employees:

  • Life insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Pet insurance
  • Financial planning
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Family leave
  • Seasonal family brunch
  • Bring Your Child to Work Day programming
  • Free learning portal with 3000+ self-paced courses

Building Skills for Success

At Arise, we want our employees to be inspired, knowledgeable, and empowered, because when they are, we are all achieving our full potential. We encourage our staff to be leaders and catalysts for change. We want our employees’ input and suggestions, so we are constantly looking for ways to gather feedback.

More importantly, Arise thrives in a culture of learning and encourages all employees to seek opportunities to learn and grow. In turn, we have invested in a new learning program, giving our employees access to over 3000 self-paced courses in a variety of categories, supporting greater professional development at all levels.

We look to deliver impact through emerging leaders and do all we can to promote greater opportunities for success. Through our Leadership Development Programs, we focus on promising, mid-level professionals as well as recent graduates to help fast-track them to the top.

Mid-level managers who are chosen for the Arise Leadership Development Program are given the opportunity to meet regularly with leaders across the organization and learn from their experiences. They are encouraged to lead new projects in areas beyond their current workstreams to help simplify, standardize, and scale our organization’s efforts. This exposure helps to broaden their experience and develop the skills and attributes needed to become senior-level management.

Young professionals who are graduating from respected universities with high grade point averages, strong extra-curricular activities, and demonstrated leadership experience are given the opportunity to take on their first role at Arise, rotating throughout our business to broaden their understanding of operations, results and delivery; all while effecting change through innovation, collaboration, and leadership. They will be able to apply the ideas and theories that they have been studying to the biggest challenges facing us today.

Our Amazing People Received:

Top Workplace in South Florida 2018 | Sun Sentinel

Top Workplace in South Florida 2017| Sun Sentinel

Top Workplace in South Florida 2016 | Sun Sentinel

Silver Award - Most Innovative Company of the Year | Best in Biz Awards

Finalist Excellence in Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility When Work Works Award | Families and Work Institute (FWI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Silver Human Resource Workforce Optimas Award for Partnership | Workforce Magazine

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