Customer Experience Elevation

Why manage customers when you can elevate them?

For thirty years CXM has approached customers in the same basic way.  Agents working in 8-hour blocks, leaving massive underutilization when volume is down, and abandoned calls when volume is high.  This has become "acceptable failure.

Why manage customers when you can elevate them?

At Arise, we don't believe in "acceptable failure."

We believe that every customer engagement is crucial to long term growth and profitability.  So, we are breaking all the rules of CXM.


Gig-economy Service Partners book their schedules in 30-minute intervals on the Arise® Platform.  This allows Brands using the Platform to schedule capacity much closer to their volume curve which decreases underutilization and drives down labor costs up to 14%. 

Service Partners only schedule their time when they are 100% ready to work, without distractions or interruptions.

This allows Brands utilizing the Arise® Platform to see utilization routinely hit 90%, an incredible improvement over traditional BPO utilization of 60%.  This means every interval serviced is focused on delighting customers which improves revenue and customer 

There are always unexpected spikes in contact volume.

Traditional BPOs usually tell everyone to come off breaks and lunches to jump in the queue.

At best this allows intraday flex of 20% or so.  But because the network of Service Partners working with your customers is so broad, Brands using the Arise® Platform can flex up to 200%.  Now that is never leaving a customer behind. 

75% of consumers have tried a new shopping method in the last year. That means more calls than ever are focused on sales related topics.  Service Partners on the Arise® Platform are, on average, 38 years old and have more professional experience than traditional contact center agents. This means more empathetic, insightful service.

Increased efficiency, productivity, and quality can save your Brand up to 37% while improving NPS, customer, and revenue growth. 

Now that truly is Customer Experience Elevation.

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