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Conversational Virtual Assistant
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Today’s consumers are always connected and demand fast service from companies.  With a natural, conversational virtual assistant solution from Interactions, your business can empower customers to accomplish a wide array of tasks themselves and for more complex issues, make a seamless transition to a live agent of a micro call center on the Arise platform.  The customer experience flow enabled by Arise’s and Interactions’ partnership enables:

  • Reduced Costs to Serve from Increased Automation from Self-Service & the Arise Virtual Platform
  • Scalable and adaptable across every customer contact channel
  • Higher Levels of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty from Faster Issue Resolution, Reduced Hold Times, and Misrouted Calls
  • Seamless Transition from Self-Service to Live Agent when Needed – No “Phone Jail”

Interactions – Not Your Typical Virtual Assistant Solution

NYU Research shows that majority of IVR / speech recognition / automated virtual assistant solutions in use today hinder customers from accomplishing tasks as they find them difficult and undesirable to use.

Not the case with Interactions.

The Interactions solution is unique providing a highly accurate conversational virtual assistant, applicable to nearly every vertical, that can understand complete sentences as well as responses with incorrect grammar and other imperfections that occur naturally when speaking or typing responses.  These multi-industry solutions have provided extraordinary results for clients including:

  • 70% increase in CSAT
  • 18% decrease in agent calls
  • 70% decrease in misrouted calls

Get the Best of Machine Learning with a Human Touch

with Interactions' and Arise's Partnership

Interactions’ and Arise’s partnership goes deeper than the seamless transition from self-service to live agent assistance for complex call flows. In addition to the iterative machine learning and artificial intelligence driving the conversational virtual assistant accuracy, Arise is helping add the human touch to the equation through facilitating call listenings and retroactive accuracy assessments performed by agents using the Arise platform adding human understanding to the existing AI to further boost accuracy and efficiency.

Elevate Your Customer with Better Understanding

Learn more about the benefits to your customer service strategy from adding an conversational virtual assistant powered by Interactions for many repetitive and transactional interactions, allowing skilled Arise agents to focus on solving more complex issues and promoting your brand and services with the superior live agent service.

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