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Time is our most precious commodity. Why waste time spending long hours on hold waiting for a live service rep when the information can be easily shared by a self-service voice? Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides effective customer service saving time for your customers. According to Time, 53% of Americans spend 13 hours on hold every year. Arise understands day-to-day experiences with your customer service are crucial for returning business. Arise can provide an IVR solution with a secure IVR system tailored to your brand’s unique voice. If you are still on the fence about IVR, your callers will always have the option of speaking to a live service representative at the touch of a button. No hold times and instant assistance if needed? That’s the Arise Platform-as-a-Service. 

Arise Interactive Voice Response Features

Secure Data in Secure hands

Leveraging the IVR system available through the Arise platform secures sensitive customer information enabling a secure collection of information such as social security and credit card numbers without the resource seeing or accessing it, and maintains level 1 PCI certification. Here’s how it works: the resource is present in the background and does not see or hear any personal information entered, and is only notified of the actions taking place within the call. When a sensitive information collection step is reached in a call, the call recording segment is obscured for complete data security. 

Efficient Call Routing, Superior Customer Experience

Our dedicated support team works with your company to understand your particular needs. We tailor an IVR design to guarantee the most efficient call routing to resolve your customers’ needs on their first contact.

Gauge Results With a Superior IVR Solution

Arise works with Interactive Voice Response, which allows for the collection of valuable metrics to gauge your business results. Our platform can provide access to the ability to generate reports on customer surveys to evaluate room for improvement within your business. In addition to reporting, other application within the IVR can assess system performance, payment transactions, opt-outs, and relay requests. 

Different Faces of IVR

When you decide to utilize a platform that is continuously adapting to your customer care needs, then you start to realize the other functionalities it could serve. This system has the possibility to be the future of your tech support, directory assistance, or even inbound sales and marketing. Faster info. Faster problem solving. Happier customer. 

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