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Case Study: Coffee e-commerce retailer business use

It’s a nightmare scenario for any e-commerce company when the internet fails. In fact, in a recent survey, half (50%) of all CIOs stated that their organizations lost revenue and 47% of them say an outage has negatively impacted their customer satisfaction. For this high-end coffee retailer, Sept. 1, 2022, was fraught with widespread technical outages, beginning with a day-long internet failure at one of their customer care partners’ brick-and-mortar sites. This outage caused customers’ questions to go unanswered in the morning when users of this client’s products create the largest contact volume. The technical troubles continued for this client, with their website crashing and going offline for over 90 minutes, resulting in massive call volume as this was the only source of customer care during that time.

Learn how the Arise® Platform saved the day for this high-end coffee retailer.

Coffee retailer contact center case study

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