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01.12.17 | blog

Your First Look at the Starmatic™ Schedule Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

You could call it our shining star. It pops up as a topic of conversation in service management, and it has won awards in innovative technology. CEO John Meyer once called our Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service part of the “secret sauce” behind the Arise platform.

But what is the Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service? What does it do, and what’s all the buzz about?

While we can’t give away all the secret ingredients, we can share a look into what is a vital part of Arise’s Platform-as-a-Service, and the features our own Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service.

The Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service is Arise’s own proprietary award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which combines telephony with state-of-the-art mapping, mobile device technology, and scheduling software. It’s unique to Arise, and while there may be imitators, there’s only one Starmatic™ SaaS. It was developed by Arise to give call centers the ability to handle multiple schedules and programs, securely, quickly, and with the flexibility needed for rapid changes.

The main buzz about the Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service is its flexibility. Frequent visitors to Arise know that flexibility is one of our key value pillars. The Starmatic™ Service promotes a true flexibility – one that facilitates resource scheduling as well as urgent service capabilities. Scheduling is done in 30-minute intervals, enabling companies to manage their operations with an improved resource planning to match customer demand. Compared to other solutions which schedule four to eight hours of time, 30-minute intervals maximize efficiency and flex to meet your business needs. 

The cloud-based tool also gives your company the ability to monitor and adjust schedules in real-time. The Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service gives you the ability to scale up or down within as little as 30 to 60 minutes, and to flex on-demand 20-40% intraday. It handles requests for additional resources and easily allows for rapid mobilization of large numbers of resources to accomplish large scale tasks.

Speaking of easy, the Starmatic™ SaaS is user-friendly. Specifically defined URL and login information means your company has control, and a robust mobile app platform allows for on-the-go access. The service also gives your company the ability to monitor and adjust schedules in real-time, with an option to text or email your service providers immediately when adjustments are made.

In a nutshell? The Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service is the pioneer of on-demand resource management. Our powerful cloud-based Software-as-a-Service provides a scalable and superior solution for innovative enterprises seeking to transform operations to be more customer-centric.

The Starmatic™ Schedule Management Service is a one-of-a-kind schedule management tool that does what other tools can only claim. We think that’s worth the buzz. 

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