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11.18.19 | blog

Winning Millennials Over – Customer Care in a Self-Service Era

Today’s connected consumer relies less and less on a brand’s customer support and more on their own devices to solve their issues, literally. Self-Service is currently many Millennial’s preference for addressing most common issues according to Gartner,[1] and making a call to a traditional help desk is quickly becoming one of their least favorite activities[2].

Sometimes a call to a customer support line is inevitable, even for a digitally native Millennial. The question then becomes, “How do you wow a consumer who is already frustrated that they had to even call you in the first place?”

A couple key suggestions:

Maximize Your Agent-Supported Channels – Millennials are accustomed to having multiple channels to leverage in any interaction. Their banking can be done on an app, or website, over an automated phone service or machine, and finally through a teller. In a generation that has always had a choice, providing only a phone number for support is limiting and frustrating. Offering multi-channel support options is a sure way to keep digital natives feeling in charge of the interaction. Using Chat, Social, Email, Video, Visual IVR, and more, Millennials will feel more connected and in control of their experience, reducing their frustrations and paving the way to a great experience.

Change the Conversation – With the insight that the consumer is likely not only frustrated with the issue they are having but also the need to reach out at all, smart brands will change the way the conversation starts. Agents exemplifying emotional intelligence and true empathy to a consumer’s plight when they answer the call will have a better chance of building an authentic connection with the customer. Agents who have a knowledge and a passion for your products and services and choose to support your brand because they are your customers themselves can do this much easier than those who are simply hired to a call center role.  Building a connection starts with understanding the customer’s experience from the customer’s standpoint. Your customers supporting your customers is a key strategy Arise uses to create authentic customer experiences.

Interested in learning more about the future of Customer Support and how Arise can help set the stage for success today, and tomorrow? Read our full eBook on Identifying Future Agents for Augmented Intelligence and Omnichannel Support here.


[1] Maoz, Michael, Plan Now for Critical Shifts in Customer Interaction Patterns, Gartner Inc., June 27, 2017

[2] Crossing The Generational Divide: Providing Customer Service for Today's Consumers,, 2015

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