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05.28.15 | blog

Why Customer Service Case Studies Are Important to Your Business

Case studies are incredibly useful marketing tools. They not only showcase your product or service, but they also tell a positive story of how your customers used your goods or services and the kind of customer experience that your audience can expect.

Customer service case studies can be especially useful, as they show how you stand out against your competition when it comes to customer service and customer support. Why should you implement customer service case studies into your marketing plan? Here are just a few of the many reasons…

A Case Study Focuses on Customer Perspective

You can say that you provide the very best customer experience in the industry all day long. Anyone can say that, but can you prove it? Yes, with a customer service case study you can. With a case study, your audience (potential customers, themselves) can see how working with your company feels, from beginning to end. By following the story of another customer’s experience, they will get a concrete idea of what they can expect from your customer support and services.

Show Off the Benefits of an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Living in the 21st century, we have so many ways to connect with one another that it is sometimes hard to keep up with them all. People joke that they never use their phones to actually talk to one another anymore. They prefer to text, or they receive emails instantaneously and can reply on the spot. And sometimes they prefer an online chat client to any of those other forms of communication.

If you provide omni-channel customer support, your customers can contact you (or choose to have you contact them) via the medium that they are most comfortable with. Your audience may not yet be aware of the many ways that you can support them and create a better customer experience for them, based on their needs and their preferred technology and/or media. A case study shows just how effective this can be, and it does it from the customer’s point of view, showing how much better the experience is for them.

Learn How to Improve Your Customer Service Methods

So far, we have only discussed how customer service case studies help you with a marketing campaign, but that is not all they can do. Not only do case studies help you with converting leads to customers, but they can also help you improve the customer experience that you provide.

By performing a case study, you can get a better idea of what kind of customer support you provided throughout your customers’ experience of working with you. This lets you see where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and it helps show you how you can improve your customer support and service in the future.

In an effective case study, you will not only see where you have succeeded, but you will also see where you can improve in the future. For example, if you offer omni-channel customer support, what channels are you most adept with? And what channels could use some work?

A customer service case study is a direct channel to your customers. You hear what is working and what is not. You can better understand the customer's point of view and your company's brand perception. As I mentioned earlier, customer service case studies are incredibly useful tools for marketing, but they’re also great learning tools to help your company develop and grow, too.

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