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10.25.19 | blog

When Good Isn’t Good Enough… Customer Care Needs are Changing

In a world of choices, customers are becoming more discerning than ever before. Gone are the days where good service is “good enough”. Customers today do not only want to be “right” but also be heard and understood, especially when they feel they haven’t received good service. One has to look no further than their phone to find Tweets, ‘grams and Facebook posts that outline, in extensive detail, someone’s dislike, distrust, or even contempt for brands that have failed to hit the mark on service.

Opportunities to delight your customers are often missed or turned the wrong direction through a poor customer experience and customers who do not feel understood or heard are much more likely to take air their grievances publicly.

In today’s age, smart brands need a partner who has their back on each interaction. One who can create authentic, genuine connections with your customers that make them feel they’ve truly been heard and not just “handled”. 

At Arise, our Service Partners choose the programs they support, meaning partners who like and are familiar with your products are much more likely to opt to support your programs. Your customers supporting your customers, what could be more authentic and genuine than that?

What else goes into a making Service Partners on the Arise Platform different? Our Retail Brick and Click and BPO Whitepaper explains:

To learn more about how Arise helps the Retail industry, click here or visit to discover how Service Partners on the Arise Platform can make a difference in your industry.

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