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08.07.18 | blog

What Do Retail Customers Want From Brands?

The modern buyer is no fool. The widespread convenience of online shopping and our dependence on mobile technology have changed what consumers expect from who they give their business to.  And as time goes on, more and more consumers realize their power in making or breaking even the biggest of brands. Because they alone decide why they shop your brand. They define the quality of your products and services for themselves. And they know their voices carry. Ultimately, customers are in total control.


Customers know they can get whatever they want – whenever they want it – from wherever they are.

Digital has transformed consumerism. Online storefronts have made 24/7 commerce commonplace. Mobility has also changed the game; not only do customers have the option to shop anytime, they can do it from wherever they please – at work, in-flight, or in the car. Literally, anywhere. And consumers themselves have quickly evolved too. People today are said to be so “hyper-connected” – using three or more touch-points to browse and buy – that industry observers no longer bother tracking them.  


Digital is a double-edged sword.

Just as these convenient technological advances help the profit potential of companies large and small, they have the ability to hurt them too. When consumers have access to whatever they want, whenever they want it – patience is no longer a virtue. And with customer calls, chats, emails and tweets happening around the clock, the ability to interact, respond and react to them in real-time is a necessity that no business can afford to ignore.


You have to understand consumer expectations to surpass them.

The greatest determining factor in your customers’ satisfaction is the quality of customer care you provide. Which means profitable revenue directly correlates with checking off the boxes on your customer’s list of given expectations. NewVoiceMedia has revealed that U.S. companies providing poor service are letting an estimated $75 billion slip away into competitor pockets.


Here’s what customers want – across all channels:



Get it or forget it. While touch points and customer journeys continuously change, what stays constant is the expectation of tracking orders, resolving out of stocks, and executing returns. It’s a harsh truth. If a brand can’t make things happen – they shouldn’t even bother trying.



You snooze, you lose. From the speed of order processing to the quickness of shipping – today’s consumer has serious cart abandonment issues. They want everything now (think “same-day shipping”), or practically now (1-2 days max). That means if you can’t meet their need for speed, you’re automatically out of the race.



Keep it real. Consumers know they have options – and that there are plenty of fish in the sea. So, whether it’s their location or phone number, these things are shared only with companies they feel they can trust – those that are known to provide customers with consistent experiences, real engagement and genuine empathy. It’s a relationship, after all. If your customers don’t feel heard or valued, they’ll dump you.


As Forbes puts it: “The main reasons for customers ceasing to do business with a company should be obvious:

  1. Customers do not feel appreciated.

  2. Customers are not able to speak to a person who can provide them the answers they are looking for.

  3. Customers experience rude and unhelpful employees.

  4. Customers are being passed around to multiple people.”


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