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02.08.17 | blog

The Value of Offering Live Video Chat Customer Service

Just 10 years ago a video chat was still very much in its infancy. Today, it's just part of how we communicate with each other. Video chat brings the long-lamented loss of "face-to-face" connection back to the customer contact experience. Studies show this is what customers across generations want from their customer service. 

Customer experience drives businesses forward today. No longer is it just good enough to provide a great product or service; to truly differentiate you have to take customer experience to the next level.

While some companies are moving toward more A.I. chat-bot-based contacts, you can show that you value your customer by providing them with what they want -- a more human touch.

This decision may just make or break companies over the next couple years. Let's look at three important studies from leaders in marketing and business research:

Gartner predicts 1 in 5 of the largest global businesses are moving toward live video chat for a better customer experience.

The American Marketing Association found that sales conversion went up 20% when live video chat was implemented with an ROI of 300%.

- According to an Aberdeen Study, companies save as much as 50% on customer support costs when they use video chat.

What are the Benefits of Live Video Chat Customer Service?

Stream-Lined Communication: Type-chatting with an agent online is fine, but it is not face-to-face. It can be slow, and for those not used to typing, it can be a very tedious process. This can lead to a lot of wasted time for both agent and customer.

Real-Time Support: Customers can get the help they need in real time, instead of waiting for a typed resolution.

Increased First Call Resolution: Video chat reduces misunderstandings. Words are only a small percentage of how humans communicate with each other. We use facial expressions, hand gestures, or even hold things up to show what we're talking about. An agent using video chat can show a customer instead of just telling them what to do to resolve an issue. This ability to communicate effectively on both sides leads to better resolution outcomes.

Higher Customer Satisfaction: Video chat has a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction. When a real person is looking at you, and trying to help you, it's much harder to walk away with a bad impression.

Relationship Building: Customers want to feel closer to the brands they buy. This relationship building is where customer loyalty in the 21st century comes from. Live video chat is the ultimate way to build a strong relationship with your customer.

Is Video Chat Right for Your Company?

The Arise platform brings video chat to everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies. It facilitates flexible customer contact solutions which allow your company to scale up and down quickly to exceed your customers' expectations every time. For more information on the Arise Platform's video chat solutions, visit our video page.


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