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01.23.19 | blog

Top 5 Benefits of Onshoring Your CX

Customer experience impacts every area of your brand. You might even say that it creates your brand. Your organization’s CX strategy is integral to the health of your company. It has a direct effect on the way your customers view the products and services you offer.

The offshoring trend in the CX space came at a time when organizations chose cost-savings over customer experience. Customers often made their purchasing decisions based on price and many organizations built their vendor strategies accordingly, offshoring anything they could in efforts to reduce their costs. Today, things have evolved, and customers are more discerning than ever. In a connected, digital society, affordable options are plenty and the customer experience matters more than ever to win customer loyalty. Customers are now viewed as having an “allergic” reaction to obviously outsourced experiences and the backlash is in full effect.

Today customer-savvy organizations are re-thinking outsourcing decisions and are returning to an onshore, high touch, customer experience. They know that now, more than ever, a home-grown, “local” experience will be viewed positively, and that customer loyalty can be won or lost at the individual contact level. Even the most prestigious brands in the world can be put at risk over negative customer experiences and offshoring is more of a risk than ever.

Onshore partners, like Arise, who connect domestic brand champions with your customers, are the way that smart organizations are turning. The advantages of keeping your customer experience onshore are many.

Top Five Benefits of Onshoring Your CX


As mentioned, bad customer service can have a profound impact. In fact, 33% of Americans polled said they'd consider switching providers after just one poor customer service exchange and more than 50% said they'd never do business with a company again after a negative experience. Your CX doesn't just help build your brand, it is the driving force that maintains customer loyalty. With the negative stigma surrounding offshoring, organizations can no longer make their CX decisions purely on cost.  Regardless of the level of service provided, many customers will be dissatisfied with the offshore experience and some will leave the brand over it. Supporting your customers from “home” protects your organization from that very real risk.


A secure environment is table stakes today and smart clients will do their due-diligence before entrusting their customer data to a vendor regardless of location. the perception of security to the customer base is a significant reflection on the brand. 88% of U.S. consumers are worried about privacy, no less sharing their data with an offshore company. Simply put, the highest levels of security could be in place within an offshore facility and workforce and your customers still wouldn’t trust it. Your customer data will be perceived as safer when it is not shared with offshore companies, making onshoring, with a security-focused organization, the better the customer experience, by far.

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While the cost of onshoring customer service may be higher, the service typically means greater efficiency overall in the way that your calls are handled. Representatives who are local are better equipped to communicate effectively with your customers, saving time and increasing the possibility of a positive experience. Studies show that offshore call centers only solve complex customer issues 45% of the time, while onshore centers are able to adequately handle complex issues 88% of the time, roughly twice as much as their offshore counterparts. When call volumes are unresolved offshore, repeat calls and escalations are driven to higher, more expensive tiers, which quickly diminishes both costs and customer satisfaction.   Smart companies know that the first call resolution rates associated with onshore solutions drive higher customer experiences and can actually save money.

Innovation “Fall-Out”

With many organizations turning to digital-first, self-service, and automation strategies to support the increasingly connected customer and build tailored experiences, high-touch channels (phone/chat) are utilized differently. Many customers will only connect with a live agent as a last resort, to handle complex or sensitive issues that they were unable to resolve through self-service. Traditional, high touch support cannot be forgotten, or its importance underestimated. These complex/sensitive issues represent a higher risk to the customer experience if these are not addressed effectively, efficiently, and preferably by an onshore agent.


Finally, companies like yours are simply finding onshore representatives better versed in domestic product/service offerings making customer interactions more authentic. Legendary customer experiences are built on authenticity. It is that real and tacit knowledge that creates a foundation of brand-building connections, interaction by interaction.

The Choice is Clear

When it comes to choosing the best CX for your customer care budget, offshore no longer represents the value it once did. With the importance, the customer places on his or her experience with your brand, and the perceptions and pre-conceived notions of offshoring, it is simply too much of a risk to do anything but keep your valuable customer interactions close to home.

Unparalleled, Flexibility and Uncompromising Quality with Arise

Even within the onshore/domestic contact center outsourcing space, there are so many options, how does a company choose? If your company growth strategy places a premium on delighting customers, while remaining cost-focused, then Arise is the partner you've been looking for!

The performance accessible through the Arise platform sets an industry standard. No longer do you need to sacrifice quality to keep costs down. Arise can help you achieve customer satisfaction results that exceed your expectations while keeping costs on average 25% lower than comparable outsourcing options. Additionally, the Arise platform provides the ability to flex programs >40% in minutes, and > 250% within a few days. As you chose or transition your operation to onshore, you need a partner that will set the standard in quality, provide the flexibility that is unattainable by traditional contact center options, at a cost that you and your company will love.

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