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07.06.15 | blog

The Pulse of Customer Experience is Customer Operations

In a world of instant gratification, companies have great expectations to meet: the customer experience.

On an internal level, most companies consider the customer experience a marketing journey. However, as the layers of this concept unfold, customer experience is the culmination of many departments working together toward a common goal: customer centricity.

Customer experience can make or break any company, as each consumer touchpoint relies on the quality of the customer service being delivered. As such, customer service channels have evolved in recent years with the introduction of social media tactics and strategies that not only alleviate traditional customer service channels (voice, email and chat support), but also provide an omni-channel experience.  With the proliferation of social media into customer support strategies, there is an increasing need to house this service in what some call a “social media command center.” This evolution from a traditional contact center to a customer driven support center are stimulating the need for companies to adjust—creating an even balance of distribution amongst their support channels and respective agents.

Is your business operating and adapting in such a way that guarantees sufficient and outstanding customer service operations?

Customer Service Adaptation: Creating a Customer Centric Approach

While going into a customer service interaction, as a customer service agent, requires a keen understanding of company culture, customer service operators also have to humanize and tailor the customer experience to your consumers’ specific issues.  Put simply, providing scripted answers and rarely deviating from a standardized resolution will not promote brand advocacy and business prosperity.

Studies show 52% of customers expect a business to respond back to a customer service email within one day of submission (Toister Solutions), while on the same note, 72% of customers expect a company response within one hour of tweeting a customer service complaint on Twitter (HubSpot). The numbers speak for themselves—more than half of customers expect your company to go above and beyond to resolve their issues, and quickly nonetheless. Companies are catching onto this and seeking cost-effective and dynamic solutions to accommodate the new expectations of customer service.

To keep up in today’s ever-changing, technologically advanced environment, it is integral to evolve your current customer service strategies into one that will retain your customers and earn your organization a larger share of the market. If not, customer attrition will rise and your competitor’s brand loyalty will increase, respectively.

Going above and beyond for the customer, especially in a technological age, requires a robust and equipped network of support, ready to take charge and accommodate your customer. With that comes positive word of mouth, an increase in retention, and an increase in revenue.

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