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10.04.17 | blog

The Perfect Storm: Irma Aftermath & Prepping for the Future

20 feet of water elevation due to storm surge. *

Over 6,000 flights cancelled. *

7 trillion watts of energy – enough energy to encompass an average seasons worth of hurricanes. *

$100 billion in estimated damages. *

6.5 million evacuees. *


The cause? Hurricane Irma – the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history.

Driving around downed power lines, avoiding trees ripped out of their roots and hurled into the middle of the roads, or seeing cars crushed by debris made it difficult to wrap your mind around such an awe-inspiring force and the destruction it left in its wake. How could you ever begin to forecast or predict something so catastrophic and extraordinary? The simple answer is that you can’t. The question everyone should be asking themselves is what are they doing to prepare themselves for the unpredictable? Hurricanes are near and dear to Arise because we are headquartered in Miramar, FL and it is this deep understanding of the unforeseen or the unknown that helped us develop a technology platform that allows our clients to flex upwards of 40% intraday and 250% intraweek.

We are there for our clients when no one else is. When other providers cannot, we can.

As the hurricane barreled towards Florida, one of our clients, a leading global operator of cruise ships based in Florida, reached out to us to let us know that they were closing both of their brick-and-mortar offices based in southern Florida for the safety of their employees. The client requested 14,000 additional hours, or 840,000 minutes, to cover all lines of business…with less than 48 hours’ notice. The outcome? Download our “Hurricane Irma Case Study” and find out how this story turned out.

Business Continuity Planning and a level of flexibility is an essential and vital component of any business and the past few months of hurricanes, tornadoes, storm surges, tsunamis, and earthquakes have made that quite evident. Regardless of what may happen, your brand can never afford to be “off” and that’s where the Arise Platform can help. It is always “on” so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

We, at Arise, were very fortunate to have been essentially grazed by Hurricane Irma when most models had originally predicted that we were going to get hit by the eye and tornado force winds of over 180 miles per hour for a sustained duration of 36 hours. Crazy, right? We launched our own BCP process to make sure the platform continued to shoulder the brunt of the storm for our clients and to bring them peace of mind as we flexed and allocated resources to keep their brand running, business as usual.

Let me ask you, what are you doing to prepare for the future?


 *Source: The Balance 09/25/2017, "Hurricane Irma: Facts, Damage, and Costs"

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