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03.09.17 | blog

On-Demand Virtual E-Learning Disrupts Traditional L&D Paradigm

On-demand virtual e-learning is how we do business. We expect boundless information at our fingertips in our daily lives. Just as this information is making our lives easier, it's transforming how individuals can learn.

Customer experience is important to today's consumer. Without it companies have no edge in the marketplace. According to a study completed by Nokia, customer experience is on pace to exceed product and price as the number one reason customers buy.

Without proper planning, many outsourcing solutions falter. The expert level of service has to be kept up to speed: Physical classes, 1-1 teaching, disorganized intranet learning, and scheduling around peak hours just doesn't work. Now e-learning is changing the way we deliver customer experience.

How the Business Landscape is Evolving

It’s reported that 77% of major corporations now use online learning. The learning management system market is on pace to nearly triple from 2013 ($2.55B) in 2018 (proj. >$7B). These corporations understand the benefits to the customers and their bottom line. But e-learning is in no way restricted to huge companies.

The Overall Benefits of E-Learning

Flexibility: Learning something new can take place anytime and anywhere. Anyone with an Internet connection can log into an educational portal, read, develop skills, take tests, work through practice scenarios or ask questions. The need for a traditional on-site learning is completely obsolete.

Personalized: Everyone learns differently. Personalization means no time or money wasted teaching and re-teaching things people already know. An e-learning course can adapt to meet skill levels, and move forward without unnecessary delay.

Self-Paced: With self-paced learning no one gets left behind. Leaners can take longer on certain topics that they are less familiar with, and breeze through topics that align with their current expertise.

Cost Efficient: With the above benefits, it's not difficult to see why this is so cost efficient. E-Learning resolves any wasted time, and costs less. No wait times, no brick-and-mortar classrooms, no weeks of learning. A lot can be said for the sheer confidence that e-learning systems can cultivate in leaners which allow them to educate themselves better and more effectively.


E-Learning is changing the way we learn, and the way businesses grow to meet the demands of ever-changing industries. We encourage you to consider how better e-learning systems can help your company compete in the world of today.

If you're considering moving to or enhancing an e-learning solution, the Arise University capability of our Platform-as-a-Service is an ideal solution offering the flexibility of on-demand learning with features to enhance learner engagement. To find out more, contact Arise and our consultants will help you tailor an ideal solution for your business.

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