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08.22.16 | blog

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Technology in Customer Care?

In an age where personal connections and interactions are the exception and not the norm, we at Arise are seeing a vast number of clients come to us with a desire to enhance the experience provided to their customers using new technologies. Personal, one-on-one interaction through web-cams or smartphones is fast becoming a trend fundamental to customer care.

For example, Verizon FIOS boasts an app called MyFios, which allows over 15 million homes to connect directly to service help through their smartphones. Tech support allows a technician to virtually see a problem in real time, allowing a customer to receive assistance right from the comfort of their own living room.

I recently went to California and rented a car. When I walked up to the customer service desk in the airport, there was no one there. Instead, there were a line of kiosks. I remember thinking, “I hate this. Something always goes wrong.” But to my surprise, the kiosk was connected to a high-definition camera. As with the MyFios app, on the other end of that camera was a customer service agent – I could see him and he could see me. It was 100% virtual, using interactive video streaming technology. The agent took my info, set up my car, and told me exactly where my car was in the parking lot. It was a seamless and great customer service experience and I believe that, more and more, we will see companies relying on virtual presence technology to create an efficient yet human connection.

It was reported by VisionCritical that 84% of companies who consider themselves customer-centric focus on mobile customer experience.* Think about how much your smartphone use has changed in the past two years. You use your video capabilities on your phone to see, chat, and connect with family and friends. Why not connect to the person who is helping you fill out your tax form? One of our largest clients in the tax software arena will soon be doing just that. The Arise platform will provide micro call centers with the ability to troubleshoot via video chat. This allows for the customer to see a live video of the agent assisting them. It brings a personal, human connection to virtual customer service through technology.

This is the sophistication that the Arise platform can bring.

Is your business ready for this next generation of customer service technology? 


About the Author

Peter Schiller is the Senior Vice President of Independent Business Operations. Peter joined Arise in 2008 and is currently responsible for sourcing high-performing businesses to use the Arise platform. Peter oversees six departments and is accountable for the full agent lifecycle – from marketing to sourcing, on through certification – for over 135,000 agents a year.

Peter is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and received a Bachelor of Science in Banking & Finance from Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY.


*VisionCritical July 24, 2014

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