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10.18.18 | blog

How to Decrease Phone-Hold Time and Abandon-Rates During Peak Season

In this digital age, consumers expect the immediate responses that their high-bandwidth connection to the internet can deliver. At the same time, Consumer Reports asked a panel of customer service experts about the best way to contact a company to resolve an issue or ask a question. An overwhelming eighty percent said that they'd prefer to pick up the phone to call over checking a website or sending an email or text message.

Even if people will pay their bills or order online, they still expect to speak with a live representative when they have a problem or a query. Providing a great customer service experience via the phone challenges many businesses.

Your Customers Want to Call; They Don't Want to Wait

If you have spent a long time on hold with your utility or health insurance company, you probably don't need anybody to show you a survey to understand how annoying the experience can be. Still, the fact that other consumers could be even more impatient than you are might surprise you.

Consider the results from the recent Arise survey about customer expectations for hold times:

  • Just about two out of three people don't want to wait more than two minutes to get their call answered by a live representative.
  • Over 13 percent replied that they did not find any wait on hold acceptable, even if it was fairly short.
  • Other surveys have demonstrated that about one in three callers won't call back if they abandon a call because of a long hold time.

Long wait times definitely annoy customers. They may even cause companies to lose business and suffer from poor reviews. On the other hand, a prompt response from a professional phone representative can salvage a business relationship, generate more sales, and generate positive reviews.

Why Can't You Just Hire More Phone Reps?

How can you satisfy your customers by giving them quick access to live representatives? This problem challenges many companies, especially those businesses that experience peaks and valleys in demand. Your own company might experience higher demand seasonally, because of certain events, or even because of the time of day. It's difficult to predict demand, so it's almost impossible to hire people who can meet your call center requirements.

If you spend money to hire more people, you've also taken on a fixed expense that's difficult to scale back down when you don't need as many reps. You will find that hiring more phone reps will cost more than it should, still may not meet demand during peak times, and offers little flexibility.

Virtual Platforms: Scheduling Flexibility and a Great Customer Experience 

Would it be easier to manage call center demand and your budget if you had the option to schedule representatives in 30-minute intervals and change schedules with a moment's notice? Why not consider a better solution that can give your company a flexible way to scale that is based upon your current demand?

The Arise platform won't force you to pay for resources that you don't need; at the same time, it also won't leave you without adequate resources customers demand service. In fact, this solution can precisely meet your call demand. You can pay for the service that you need, reduce call abandonment, delight your customers, and manage your customer service budget.

Start Saving Money on Better Phone Service

Offer your customers better service while only paying for what you need. You can begin by discovering how Arise's flexible approach employs crowdsourced, professional phone representatives and award-winning workforce management software. Arise will offer your customers excellent customer service as it provides your company with flexible and budget-friendly solution.

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