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06.25.15 | blog

How Providing an Omni-Channel Customer Experience Helps Your Business

In the old days (not too long ago in the greater scheme of things), if your customers wanted to reach you, they would have to pick up the phone and call. Then, after the advent of the Internet, they could email your company for information.

Today, though, we are no longer limited to calling on the phone or sending an email from a desktop computer at home or work. We are constantly connected on a series of devices, and we transition from laptop to desktop to phone to tablet and back throughout the day. That is why giving your target audience an omni-channel customer experience has become such an important part of doing business today.

What Is an Omni-Channel Customer Experience?

To understand an omni-channel customer experience, think of each of your devices and each of the ways you have to contact a business as a channel. Your smartphone is a channel, and your laptop and tablet are channels too, but those are not your only channels, either. The ability to call the company and talk to someone in customer service or customer support provides another channel, as well.

If your company provides the means for your customers to seamlessly and conveniently move from one channel to another, you have omni-channel customer support, and you have the infrastructure and platforms to give your customers the absolute best customer experience possible.

Engage With Your Customers on Their Preferred Channels

We use each of our devices differently. Some people prefer to purchase all of their eBooks from their tablets because they have built-in apps that download the books straight to the same device where they will be reading them. A lot of people do all of their social networking on their smartphones, either via apps or mobile sites, barely ever visiting the full websites when they are on their laptops or desktops.

You get the idea. If you offer omni-channel customer support, your customers will be able to shop with you and access your customer support and customer service from their preferred device. If they prefer talking to someone on the phone, they can call you. If they prefer live chat, they can do it right in your mobile app.

More Convenience for Your Customers Means More Sales

This ability to use your services, purchase your goods, and/or communicate with your customer support staff on any device they want makes it more convenient for your customers to stay in touch with you. If a customer has a question about a product, for example, and they are logged into your mobile app, they should be able to hit a button to enter live chat with one of your customer support staff members.

If the question can be answered without leaving your site or app, the customer will be more likely to go ahead and make a purchase right away because the flow of their customer experience has not been broken. If they have to leave your site or app and break that flow, they will be more likely to put off that purchase until later.

For a lot of purchases, “later” never comes because once a potential customer leaves your site or logs out of your app, it’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind. That’s why it’s so important to move into the future of technology-based retail and services by offering an omni-channel customer experience with full customer support on all channels.

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