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01.01.16 | blog

Going Green for the New Year

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We all know the personal steps needed to make our world a little bit greener. Choosing to buy local and walking instead of driving to the corner store are small changes that can create a big impact. But why not make a big change? Making a change for your business can make a change for everyone – including Mother Earth. At Arise, we value our personal environmental responsibility and made some changes to our own offices to be a little greener.

Travel: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

What happens when tens of thousands of dedicated workers do not have a daily commute? It reduces nearly 98 metric tons of CO2 in the atmosphere from emissions. It means saving 265.6 million miles per year in vehicle miles traveled -- the equivalent of traveling around the earth 10,667 times or going to the moon and back 589 times. It means a reduction in gas consumption of 10.8 million gallons per year* -- enough gas to fill 16 Olympic-sized swimming pools or fuel a jet to fly around the world 16,400 times. Using the Arise platform means reducing the impact on the environment without sacrificing quality customer care.


Energy: Less Power, More Promising Future

We work with a network of small work-from-home call care centers that reduce the need and wastes of large traditional brick and mortar centers. Through use of the Arise platform, your company reduces office space and related operating costs. Gartner Research reveals sustainable, virtual, geographically dispersed teams decrease business overhead expenses by 30% – 55% while increasing productivity.


Connected: Less Waste

A digital world can mean a paperless world, preventing further deforestation and encouraging further recycling efforts. For Arise's offices, we have instituted a dedicated recycling program, including the recycling of paper and the “upcycling” of office supplies in order to reuse, repurpose, or donate materials that we no longer have use for at Arise. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extends the fiber supply and contributes to carbon sequestration, saves considerable landfill space, reduces energy and water consumption, and decreases the need for disposal.


Protecting the environment is just the start. Challenging the status quo for innovative new ideas in business and in environmental stewardship is our resolution, for this year and every year. We at Arise are changing the way the world works, while hoping to change the world for the better.


Sources: *Based on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) of 265.6 million miles per year and average U.S. fuel economy of 24.6 miles per gallon (University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) in the Christian Science News)

Additional statistics provided by: Engineers for a Sustainable Future (GLUMAC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


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