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01.19.17 | blog

Environmental Benefits of a Cloud-Based Customer Management Platform

Is your company aware of the environmental benefits of leveraging a cloud-based customer management platform for their customer service resources? Today's consumers rally around companies that employ sustainable practices. Increasingly, state regulations are pushing us to develop more sustainable practices. Strong business leaders are aware of this and understand that being in business is more than just revenues and ROI. It's about making a difference in your industry and the world. Are you one of these leaders?

According to GlobalWorkPlace Analytics, only 2.8% of the workforce is at home about half the time. As you look for better and more cost-effective ways to "go green," expanding to a cloud-based platform is a great opportunity. Forward-thinking business leaders can expand telework programs and differentiate themselves among competitors. At the same time, leaders can make a socially responsible decision and a commitment to sustainability. 

Why Customer Management Should Work in the Cloud

The potential environmental benefits that present themselves by using a cloud-based customer management platform make us very hopeful for a more sustainable future.

Estimations of environmental benefits enabled through the Arise platform:

- 265.6 Million Miles: Fewer vehicle miles traveled per year

- 10.8 Million Gallons: Reduced gas consumption per year

- 97,956 metric tons of CO2: Decreased CO2 emissions per year

- 57,500,000 kWh/yr.: Less energy consumption

And this in only the beginning.

A More Sustainable Workplace is Better Workspace

The Arise cloud-based customer management platform helps clients meet their sustainability goals by providing the tools and resources they need to effectively and efficiently leverage external resources in the cloud. By eliminating many CAPEX and facility overhead expenses, your company can thrive in the cleaner and brighter future that you are helping create by making smart decisions for your business, employees, customers, and the planet.


Taylor Jones serves as the Senior Manager of Marketing & Business Development at Arise where he is responsible for managing digital marketing strategy and business development efforts. He has a keen interest in what companies need to create strong customer experiences and successful customer contact operations. Jones holds an MBA in Leadership from Queens University of Charlotte and a B.S. in Applied Mathematics & Spanish from the University of South Carolina Honors College.

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