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03.16.17 | blog

Arise Around the Web

Where in the world are the insiders at Arise? You never know where you’ll find us. On the web, Arise insiders are contributing their insight and knowledge to various sites, blogs, and communities. LinkedIn is home to many ideas that turn into blog posts, and Twitter leads us to new voices and opportunities to talk with industry leaders. We seek out and are asked by business and industry sites to share our thoughts on trends and engage in conversations. Here’s a look at what some Arise employees are talking about:


Telecommuting: Companies Struggle to Implement Programs, Despite Workforce Preference
Marisol Martinez explores the latest telecommuting statistics from that show that 80% to 90% of the U.S. workforce would like to telecommute at least part time. Some wish to avoid long commutes, either for purposes of time or a commitment to environmental preservation by reducing their carbon footprint. Can telecommuting be for company?

Spend Less Money for a Better Solution to Your Hold-Time and Abandon-Rate Issues
No one likes waiting on the phone for a customer service rep. Marisol writes about the expectations of your clients when it comes to waiting on the phone for service, with interesting statistics on how long consumers are willing to wait on the phone. Is a virtual platform the solution?

Over on

Lessons from A Past #Snowpocalypse: It’s No Joke, Especially for Customer Contact Operations
Stuck home in the snow? This is relevant reading material for a cold day. Taylor Jones reveals that a recent CCNG study showed 80% of organizations still leverage traditional on-premise, brick-and-mortar contact centers. Of those organizations, the same study showed that 20% have no BCDR plan. So when it comes to a #snowpocalypse, employees stay home by the fire because they are unable to get to work. What is your company backup plan for #snOMG days?

Man vs. Machine: Chatbots and the Future of Customer Service
Chatbots continue to grow in popularity as a tool for businesses to cost-effectively reduce load on customer service operations. But what are they lacking when missing the crucial human element? Taylor shares an example of a chat gone wrong, and a vision for the future of technology and AI.

And coming up later this month on is a long form post from Doug Vinson on new research and surveys that tell a surprising, but familiar story when it comes to supporting your customers. Stay tuned for more! 


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