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03.08.16 | blog

3 Ways to Keep Company Data Secure

How secure is your data? Is your private info safe? That’s a question to keep you up at night. Security breaches can wreak havoc on your business and your peace of mind. Luckily, there are ways to tighten and control the movement and involvement of sensitive information. When it comes to security, it’s all about preparation. What can you do to keep your data secure?

1.)    Secure Data in the Cloud

It’s easy to hit the familiar “Save” floppy disk icon when you’re quickly typing up something in Word. It’s even easier to assume your email drafts are saved automatically. Let’s face it: The easy way is everyone’s preferred way when it comes to technology. But while saving your work on your laptop is easy, it means that it is only saved in one spot. In our connected and mobile world, info is instantly needed and connected on smartphones, on shared drives, on teambuilt Powerpoints that hold presentations for your next meeting. Securing your data in an Internet cloud is an easy way for multiple people to access info when it is needed. It’s a great tool, and one that can be used safely. Choose a cloud provider that provides authentication processes and only authorized users. Authentication processes allow you to change your password to prevent security breaches. Having authorized users only protects your info from prying eyes and eliminates the risks of sharing private information. As always, remember to change your password often, and try not to use the same one for multiple sites. A random password generator can create one for you instantly.

2.)    Nix Own Devices

Everyone loves their smartphone. But when it comes to confidential information, nothing on a smartphone can beat your IT’s secure firewall. No matter how tempting it is to work on your own computer or device, it’s always best to use your company-provided equipment. There are external devices that can be used to lock personal equipment if company-provided sources are not available. For example, The Arise Secure Desktop (ASD) tool, a bootable thumb drive, disables all mounting of USB drives and removable media as well as printers, scanners and access to embedded storage devices. The hard drive on the user’s machine is non-functional and not utilized. Locking down desktops means that private info is not transferred to personal computers. But remember: Using a company controlled device is still the best option and allows IT leaders to assess and control security risks before they become a problem.

3.)    Strong Company Policies In Place

You set your standard. This is twofold: the human and the machine. Your company policies should allow your employees to know the risks and reasons of how and when your security controls should be taken into account. Working behind company firewalls is the most efficient way to keep private info safe and sound. When it comes to external information, make sure that there is a strict, written policy in place for your company when sharing. For example, at Arise, we utilize Incident Response procedures consistent with the requirements of each of our clients. We partner with each client to understand their internal security policies and procedures and make sure our procedures meet their requirements. Taking steps to ensure your information is secure is a relief to your employees, your team, and your clients.

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