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06.26.14 | blog

3 Secrets to a Great Customer Experience

Flashback to your seven year old self. You save up all of your money to buy the newest Lego® character. You finally buy the Lego®, feeling ecstatic from your recent purchase. A few days later, you lose your brand new Lego®. Distraught at having lost your new toy and your parents refusing to buy you a new one, you write a letter to the Lego Group vowing to “take extra care of your action figure if they send you another one.” You receive the Lego Group’s response and it is nothing short of amazing. The Lego Group writes you a letter back as one of the other characters from the same set your action figure was from, and on top of that, the Lego Group sends you all of the weapons and the rest of the characters from that same set. Seems like a fantasy for your seven year old self, right?

This exact story happened to a seven year old boy. The Lego Group wrote an awesome letter and gained a lifetime customer in the process. The Lego Group went above and beyond to satisfy its customer and satisfying customers is the key to success. According to Harvard Business Review, emotionally engaged customers are three times more likely to recommend a product and repurchase your product or service.

So, how do you achieve an outstanding customer experience? Well, the secret to a great customer experience is really no secret. It revolves around three elements.

1.       Entrepreneurial minded resources

Putting entrepreneurial minded resources on the front lines of your business helps customers resolve their issues on first contact, as these agents have a problem solving skillset.  These entrepreneurial minded agents are higher performing. They understand the value of a great customer experience and the value it adds to a business.

2.       Brand Advocates

Who better to service your customers than your company’s brand advocates? Or better yet, your customers. By putting brand advocates at the front lines, your customers will receive a world class experience. Not only do these brand evangelists want to build and maintain your brand, but they are also more proficient than other agents. Your customer service will never amount to anything if you do not put the right people behind it. Your customers connect to people, not scripts, and even more so to people who they can relate to, who share commonalities – brand advocates.

3.       Work life balance

Providing agents with work life balance has proven to increase performance and productivity. Work life balance not only creates engaged resources, but engaged resources, who deliver great customer experiences promote emotionally engaged customers.

Companies cannot survive without business. Customers are the lifeline of any business. Customers are essential to your bottom line. Small efforts can go a long way. Providing good customer service is enhancing your customer’s experience. Showing them your organization cares about them will keep them coming back.


LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group.

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