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03.02.17 | blog

3 Reasons Why This is the Year to Onshore Customer Service

For decades, companies embraced the potential cost savings made possible by offshoring their customer service operations. However, many businesses are now discovering that this strategy has come at the expense of the quality of their customer experience. The following three reasons demonstrate why it’s time to place your customer care back onshore, in an effort to refine the customer experience and increase satisfaction.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Political Uncertainty

When choosing an offshore location to host customer care, many businesses are obviously drawn to markets where costs such as labor and infrastructure are significantly cheaper than their home country. Unfortunately, many of these same markets are often hotbeds of political instability. The associated risks involved generally offsets any potential cost savings that could be gained.

You'll Help Realize the Goal of Creating More Jobs in America

People from many different walks of life are united around the goal of creating more high-quality jobs in the United States. It's a measure that's not only popular with groups such as organized labor and politicians; people from all over the country believe that companies have an ethical obligation to do everything possible in order to provide jobs to U.S. workers. These kinds of jobs are key to bringing more Americans above the poverty line, and your company can help contribute to this effort by making a commitment to bring your customer services back home.

Reducing Language Barriers is Central to the Overall Customer Experience

It seems obvious that most customers would be frustrated when they encounter a language barrier in a conversation with a service representative, but the data still tells a startling tale. In an Arise Virtual Solutions Google Consumer Survey, over 1,500 respondents were asked to rate their level of frustration on a scale of 1 to 7 (with 1 being “not frustrated at all” and 7 being “extremely frustrated”) when encountering language barriers in customer service settings. Nearly 90% of those surveyed experienced at least some level of frustration, and the mean score was quite high at 4.79.

Clearly, companies must work to eliminate language barriers if they hope to optimize the customer experience and increase customer success with their products. The Arise platform facilitates this initiative by connecting you to numerous high-quality linguistic resources, including multilingual service providers, which can make it feasible for you to serve your customers effectively and efficiently from your native country. 

About the Author

Stephen Bengtson is Senior Vice President and General Manager at Arise. In this role, he is responsible for Business Development and delivering client results to some of the world’s most recognized brands.

With over 15 years of leadership experience, Stephen’s professional career has concentrated on developing and managing key client relationships, delivering world-class outsourced services and driving organizational growth strategies with large, publicly traded and privately-held technology and services companies.

Prior to joining Arise in 2011, Stephen was Vice President of Finance and Accounting Services for ACS, a Xerox Company providing BPO and IT Outsourcing solutions. Stephen holds a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations from the University of San Diego, CA.

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