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12.18.14 | blog

Customer Experience Predictions

If you’ve been watching marketing and advertising trends lately, you know that “customer experience” is the phrase of the day. In a world where every company has competition and the cost of doing business – especially manufacturing affordable products in a global economy – is so low, customer experience is really the biggest differentiator among brands.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi make almost exactly the same product, but each brand has its own loyal customers who balk at the idea of drinking the competition’s corn syrup-based soda. Verizon and AT&T offer almost identical phone and data services, but well-treated customers are vehement that the carrier they’ve chosen is the absolute best.

What can we learn from this? Customer service and customer experience are the features to focus on in 2015 if you want to get ahead of your competition!

More of Your Marketing Budget Will Go to Customer Retention

In 2014, surveyed companies spent 45% of their marketing budgets on customer retention and 55% on gaining new customers. This is indicative of a big shift in marketing and advertising. More and more business owners are realizing that, to continue to grow, they have to ensure that their existing customers are just as happy as their new customers. That means spending more money and effort on improving customer experience and customer service.

Mobile Business Will Lag Smartphone Use

When was the last time you saw someone using a “dumb” phone? Globally, people are adopting smartphones at an incredible rate, and businesses aren’t keeping up. This is good news for companies willing to put some effort into creating mobile apps and extending their services to include an omni-channel customer experience.

If you can create a consistent customer experience over all of your brand’s touch points (stores, websites, apps, etc.), you’re going to be ahead of a lot of the other companies you’re competing against, at least for the coming year. With so many businesses lagging behind in the move to mobile technology, the companies that do adopt more mobile accessibility will have a great opportunity to excel and to gain brand equity before their competition even has a chance.

More Companies Will Strive to Create Consistent Omni-Channel Customer Experience

While a lot of companies will lag on their mobile business opportunities, we predict that more companies will be looking for ways to integrate multiple platforms and to use them to create a consistent customer experience across channels. More companies will provide omni-channel customer support, especially integrated live chat with customer support experts in their apps and/or websites.

Creating omni-channel customer support and a consistent customer experience with the best service possible for your target demographic will get you much farther in your business’ growth than advertising your products latest features. Though innovation and product quality are important, remember that – in today’s market – the brand that sells the best customer experience will be the brand to win more customers. Your customers can find an equivalent product to yours, but can they find the same omni-channel customer support?

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