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With the power of radically flexible GigCX and digital innovation, we’re here to help ensure you’re able to improve efficiency and handle every holiday and promotional period so you can focus on core business functions and exceeding your revenue goals.

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Revolutionizing Retail & eCommerce with GigCX

Flexibility & Scale​

Adapt to the dynamic nature of the industry and effectively manage fluctuating demands, from seasonal peaks to market expansions, product launches, and campaigns, handle increased customer demands without incurring unnecessary overhead costs during slower periods.

Exceptional Service​

Offer exceptional customer service with brand advocates who are knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive to customer needs. Provide a truly personalized and memorable shopping experience so you can significantly differentiate your brand from competitors.

Omnichannel Experience​

Create a seamless omnichannel experience that integrates both online and offline retail channels. Provide customers with the flexibility to browse, purchase, and return products through multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and convenient shopping experience.

Personalization and Customization​

Leverage GenAI to deliver personalized shopping experiences and customizable products or services that cater to the unique preferences of individual customers. Leverage your customer data in new ways to provide personalized recommendations and targeted promotions that resonate with their specific interests and needs.

Global Scale​

Grow your market share with global support and a deep understanding of international markets and regulations. Tap into a massive network of Service Partners ready to provide support around the world.

Sustainability & Ethical Practices​

Today’s socially conscious consumers want to buy from brands that have a strong commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. Do a little good in the world with a business partner that delivers through innovative green initiatives and supportive social causes.

What makes GigCX Service Partners standout?*

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*Based on a sampling of the Arise network of Service Partners

“When you’re talking to somebody who really runs a fundamentally sound operation, cares about people, when you can combine those two things for an extraordinary experience, I just got the sense we were talking to the right provider.”

Tap into specialized Retail and eCommerce expertise delivered only through the Arise® Platform:

Product Information & Guidance

Provide customers with detailed information about products, including features, specifications, and pricing. Help them to make informed purchase decisions by offering guidance and recommendations based on their needs and preferences.

Order Processing & Management

Facilitate the smooth processing of orders, including order placement, tracking, and delivery coordination. Ensure orders are processed accurately and efficiently, and that customers remain updated along the way.

Complaint Resolution

Address and resolve customer complaints, concerns, and issues related to products or services. Gather customer feedback, offer solutions to resolve problems, and ensure that customers feel heard and valued.

Returns & Exchanges

Assist customers with returns and exchanges, guiding them through the process and ensuring that it is completed seamlessly. Gain deeper trust with proactive information on return policies, refund processes, and exchange options.

Billing & Payment Assistance

Handle billing inquiries with thoughtful explanations about pricing and payment options and assist customers with any billing discrepancies or payment-related issues. Ensure customers have a clear understanding of their invoices and payment processes.

Store Assistance

Support customers and in-store associates with prompt and attentive assistance, guiding them through orders, assisting with product location, and offering general support throughout the shopping experience.

Feedback Collection & Analysis

Collect customer feedback to gauge satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. Analyze feedback to identify trends and implement strategies to enhance overall CX.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Provide information about customer loyalty programs, rewards, and promotional offers to encourage customer retention. Build strong relationships by guiding customers on how to maximize their benefits.

Get the Facts

Did you know that only one in five consumers are satisfied with retail/eCommerce customer care? Only a third of consumers are satisfied with agent attitude. Get real, objective consumer insights and learn how to deliver improved CX. Read The Truth about Retail & eCommerce Customer Care.


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