Arise International

Pioneering International Virtual Solutions

As the pioneer of the virtual service industry and with more than fifteen years of experience launching new clients and applications exclusively in the home agent space, industry experts welcomed Arise’s expansion to the United Kingdom and Ireland in 2008 and Canada in 2010. Our highly secure and scalable virtual environment, cloud-based technology, advanced eLearning deliver a significant competitive advantage. Arise continues to expand internationally, notably in Europe, as global organizations seek to provide an enhanced customer experience and better results utilising virtual business process outsourcing services.

Language Expertise

As a result of our virtual business model and access to geographically dispersed resources, Arise offers multilingual skills and capabilities unmatched by traditional brick-and-mortar call centers. Through our crowdsourcing capabilities, we have the ability to source small business owners with the following language capabilities: English, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Creole, Hindi and Mandarin.

Benefits of Our Virtualisation Model

  • Best Available Resources Located Anywhere – source countrywide, not limited by proximity to a particular centre
  • On-Demand Model to Ensure Optimized Coverage – resources scheduled in 30 minute segments to cover daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal peaks
  • Business Continuity – our resources are home-based spread across regions, resulting in business continuity in response to extreme weather or transportation issues.
  • Performance – our independent business network chooses the brands they service, invest in becoming certified , and are paid based on performance.
  • Pay For Results – we contractually commit to the results that are important to each of our clients.

Our entire model is designed to enhance performance and to deliver higher quality results. Our model attracts high caliber resources and our performance-driven systems enable top performers to be highly successful.

Arise is committed to growing its international business and expanding into mainland Europe. Our recent success has seen us courted by various government representatives as Arise is well placed to exploit the expansion of the new high speed broadband network, bringing many more quality resources into reach.

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White Paper

How the Virtual, Crowdsourcing Model Ensures Seamless Service Operations During Planned and Unplanned Events.

Case Study

Greater Flexibility for a Leading Provider of Business and Financial Management Software Solutions.

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