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High Tech Challenges

Nothing changes more quickly than technology. Bringing new products to market effectively and maintaining strength in a highly competitive landscape requires top-notch strategy and execution. Success requires revenue growth and cost regulation to improve profitability. More than any other industry, high tech organizations are dealing with global integrations stemming from mergers and acquisitions, rapid product innovations, customer expectations for premium sales and support, and cloud computing and social media challenges. Likewise, advanced technology seems to spring up overnight and change how high tech organizations manage their customer interactions.

Support within the high tech industry requires the best of the best.  Organizations are finding it increasingly more difficult to reach their customer satisfaction goals, challenged in sourcing individuals with technical aptitude, brand enthusiasm, and specialized customer contact skills, as well as the agility to quickly support customers in all forums (phone, email, chat, etc.). Although there is great desire to improve seasonality and business continuity support, most organizations are challenged in their ability to flex beyond 15%, while providing 24/7/365 service coverage.

Arise’s Competitive Edge for High Tech Organizations

Arise works with some of the largest high tech companies in the world, providing the following services and solutions.

Mobile, Wireless, and Internet Support

  • Inbound Sales
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Account Set-up, Verification, and Maintenance
  • Product Upgrades and Replacements
  • Warranty/Subscription Sales
  • Retention Programs 

Technical Support

  • Hardware and Software Installations
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Password Resets
  • Website Navigation
  • Incident Tracking and Case Management

High-quality Support Professionals. Our 100% virtual contact center allows us to source and certify customer service support providers, ensuring the right mix of industry knowledge, technical experience, brand savvy, and customer empathy to provide every customer with a positive experience. Whether it is sales, service, or technical support, your biggest fans, as certified technicians, and dedicated advocates will be the ones interacting with your customers.

Flexibility and Scalability. Leveraging on-demand service delivery and cloud-based technology, Arise is able to provide virtual contact center support, around the clock (including holidays), for limitless volume of customer calls, emails, chats, and more.

Business Continuity. With nimbleness and agility, we respond to our clients’ volume based on actual call arrival patterns and are able to flex rapidly when a non-forecasted event occurs; up to 30%. Our access to an on-demand, geographically dispersed, work-at-home workforce allows for built-in capacity during peak call times and scale down in off hours. This also allows for built-in business continuity and disaster recovery planning that is equivalent to having a “hot site” for support.

Innovation and Technology. High tech companies should never have to rely on antiquated methods of providing sales, service, or support to customers. The first crowdsourcer of its kind, Arise continues to remain innovative in the virtual contact center space. With modern solutions Arise is able to exceed the high tech industry’s customer service challenges.

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