Arise Outsourcing and Crowdsourcing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about BPO, Customer Service and Crowdsourcing

General FAQs

Q: What is the Arise business model?

A: Arise Virtual Solutions is the leading global provider of outsourced, work from home customer service support that uniquely blends crowdsourcing innovation, virtual technology and operational efficiencies to deliver better results. Recognized as a work-at-home call center pioneer, Arise has been delivering services in the cloud for nearly a decade through its network of tens of thousands of independent, work-at-home customer service, sales, and technical support providers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

To provide support to our clients, we partner with a network of small, independent businesses, and their Client Support Professionals (CSPs), more commonly known as “agents.” These companies are part of a 100% work at home model, where thousands of home offices are located around the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Q: How did the Arise business model originate?

A: Our organization was founded in 1994, originally as a partnership between Bell South and the State of Florida to provide opportunities for disabled individuals. A pioneer of crowdsourcing through work at home customer service, Arise has remained committed to only providing virtual business process outsourcing services. To learn more about our background, please visit the Arise History page.

Q: What industries and clients does Arise currently service?

A: Arise provides an extensive array of outsourcing contact center services across such industries as e-Commerce, Technology, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, Utilities, Healthcare, and Automotive. many of the Fortune 150 companies, as well as for many top brands that consumers interact with on a daily basis.

Q: What are the benefits of contracting with Arise for outsourcing services?

A: Over the years, we have helped our clients win a number of customer service awards including several J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction awards.  We offer our clients the opportunity to fundamentally change the way customer service is delivered - by mapping human capital to customer demand. Such may be seen through the following:

  • Flexibility – With nimbleness and agility, we are able to provide high quality service based on actual call arrival patterns and flex rapidly when a non-forecasted event occurs; up to 30% in times of urgent support.
  • Business Continuity and On-demand Support – Our network of tens of thousands of independent service providers allows for built in capacity during peak call times and scale down in off hours.  In addition, we’re able to flex rabidly during times of emergency (weather, power outages, etc.).
  • Cost Savings – Our ability to match call arrival patterns promotes significant cost savings that is directly passed on to our clients and, for most, results in a 30% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Brand Affinity - Through our network of small business service providers, we can source existing client customers who are local to service areas, have similar demographics to the consumers they support, and have the right mix of technical support, empathy, and customer support skills to repeatedly impress customers.
  • Outstanding Quality – We strive for the highest levels of performance to deliver at a level that is at or better than our clients’ next best alternative.  In doing so, our clients experience higher levels of customer service, lower overall costs, and in applications that require sales, higher revenue.

Q: How do you keep learners engaged in a virtual environment?

A: Arise is a leader in virtual learning proven through our impressive results in learning retention and certification program pass rate. To help ensure learners remain engaged we have incorporated demonstrations, simulations, role-plays, exercises, application sharing, and assessments into our live, virtual classrooms. In addition, active reading, exercises, and quizzes have been included in self-paced learning activities.

Q: What is the capacity of your call center?

A: Contact center facility details do not apply in Arise’s business model. Our virtual business outsourcing model provides us with the ability to source from any location within the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom without restrictions. Therefore, we offer our clients an unconstrained and unlimited ability to supply full time equivalents (FTE) for their programs. We do not have limits on physical brick-and-mortar capacity and we currently provide service from across the United States, all ten Canadian provinces, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Q: What hours does Arise provide services?

A: Arise is available to service its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including all weekends and holidays.

Q: How can I be sure Arise is able to connect to my organization’s infrastructure and technology?

A: Arise forms a dedicated team of professionals who work in conjunction with our client’s IT engineers to capture all requirements and determine the best path forward. With that, Arise forms a dedicated team that will be responsible for delivering the agreed solution.

Q: I am interested in employment with Arise. How do I apply?  

A: The first step is to search for open positions on our website. Click on “view all career opportunities” to see the list of all current openings. If the position matches your skills, experience and interests, please click “Apply for this job online” to forward your resume to Arise Human Resources. If you do not see a job that interests you at this time, you can either upload your resume as a general submission, or create a Career Search Alert (see under “Arise Career Search”). 

FAQs for Independent Business Owners

Q: How do I become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)?

A: All details on how to become an IBO can be found here.

Q: What kind of programs can my company service?

A: One of the benefits of partnering with Arise is the ability to choose the program that you would like your company to service. At present, Arise has clients in the following industries: e-Commerce, Technology, Retail, Telecommunications, Travel and Hospitality, Utilities, and Automotive Support Services.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the network of Independent Businesses servicing Arise?

A: There are numerous benefits to joining the network of Independent Businesses servicing Arise including:

  • Being your own boss
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Flexibility of setting your own schedule
  • Ability to work from home
  • Increased work-life balance
  • Traffic avoidance
  • Daily cost savings
  • Positive contributions to the environment

Additional information related to the benefits may be found here.

Q: Why is a background check required and what are the deciding factors to continue with the process?

A: Both Arise and our clients have high standards. Client Support Professionals (CSPs) provide key services for each client program and have access to confidential information; therefore a background check is required to ensure that each potential CSP’s identity is confirmed and free from criminal history.

Arise does not allow anyone to service a client program who was convicted, pled guilty, pled no contest, or had adjudication withheld to any felony or certain misdemeanor charges; including but not limited to theft, fraud, identity theft, or other similar violations.

Q: I have visited the “Become an Agent” website in connection with opportunities to become an Independent Business Owner.  How is that different than employment with Arise?

A: The opportunities available through are business -to-business opportunities for your company, they are not employment opportunities. 

The opportunities found under “Join Our Team” on the careers webpage are employment opportunities with Arise, and throughout the year include employment opportunities in the fields of in Marketing, Client Services, Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, etc.  To learn more about our current employment opportunities, visit Arise Careers.

Q: When can I see what clients programs are available as well as the associated course schedule?

A: Whenever a new opportunity is available, it is posted in the Arise portal on Mondays at 8:00 PM EST. The posting of course schedules vary by program and can be seen at any time once they have been posted in the Arise portal. Kindly note that you are only able to view class details that are available to your company and do not present any conflicts with additional enrollments.

Q: What times during the day do classes typically run?

A: Live classes most often run at 9:00 am EST and 7:00 pm EST. Additional times may also be available depending on the class.

Q: I accidentally enrolled in the wrong course time, can I switch the time? 

A: Changing the course time is not guaranteed as it is subject to availability. We strongly suggest that you not enroll in any opportunity until you are 100% sure that the course time is the correct one.

Q: What is the Course Drop Policy?  

A: Course drop policy will be enforced when you have dropped an opportunity in which you have already enrolled and paid for.  After dropping the opportunity you will become ineligible to express interest in a new opportunity for a period of 30 days after the course drop.

Q: How do I contact the Arise Technical Support Desk?

A: The Technical Support Desk may be reached by logging into the Arise portal and following the “Support” link in the top, right-hand corner. Once connected, the Arise Virtual Assistant (AVA) will be prompted and ready to respond to your question(s). If AVA is unable to offer the assistance needed, a chat window will be made available, allowing for immediate conversation with one of our live support team members.